Top 10 Best Shots Of Rafael Nadal

With tennis growing in popularity at a super-fast pace, it is a pride for anyone to be a fan of this sport and be a member of this world. Over many decades, many tennis players have enchanted us with their different playing styles and electrifying rivalries. Ivan Lendl, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe’s treble, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s historic rivalry and now Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic’s rivalry, which stands a little special considering they have faced the most number of times than any other players.

With Rafa’s (as he is known among his fans and family) 13th Grand Slam is coming with the fabulous win in the US Open this year, many speculations are flying in the air about his class against Roger’s who is considered to be the greatest. In this reference, here are some memories where the world saw the tough Spaniard amaze us with his super shots.

10. Australian Open 2012

This epic final which Nadal lost heroically to Novak, saw some master class shot makings from both players. One was when Rafa went up 30-15 in his own serve in the 4th game of the 2nd set by hitting an awesome down the line backhand after exchanging brutal ground strokes.

9. Australian Open 2009

In yet another classic match between Rafa and Fernando Verdasco, he was geared up to take the 2nd after losing the 1st and he got himself a set point in Verdasco’s serve by hitting a wonderful off court forehand winner.

8. Australian Open 2009

Using his leftie advantage, he produced one of the shots of the match hitting a forehand winner down the line after Roger hit a strong inside out forehand in the 5th game of the match in Roger’s serve.

7. Madrid Masters 2011

Even though he lost to Novak in the end, he didn’t shy away from entertaining everyone with his trademark hotdog shot. In the 1st game of the 2nd set, after Novak picked up Rafa’s drop shot with an over the head shot, he produced an amazing shot that just landed in and gave him a break point.

6. Australian Open 2010

He was in mauling form in the match against Philipp Kohlschreiber and he proved that by hitting an off court forehand winner at the set point in the 2nd set to everyone’s amazement.

5. Australian Open 2012

This Aussie Open saw Rafa in an amazing form even though he could not win the slam. In his quarterfinal match against Tomas Berdych, he came back after losing the 1st set and broke Berdych by hitting a fantastic forehand winner to get an early break in the 4th set.

4. Davis Cup 2011

Both Rafa and Juan Monaco played a great match. After exchanging a lot of grueling shots, Rafa finally broke him in the 5th game of the 3rd set with a backhand drop volley to get the break.


Best Shots Of Rafael Nadal

3. Davis Cup 2011

In the final match between Spain and Argentina, Rafa suffered a lot initially but came back roaring and with a marvelous passing shot he broke Juan Martin Delpotro to go up 5-1 in the 3rd set.

2. Australian Open 2012

This match between Rafa and Roger was really entertaining but the shot of the match and many more matches came when Rafa hit an off court forehand winner in the middle of the court and got a break point in the 5th game of the match in the 3rd set.

1. French Open 2013

On his way to his 8th Roland Garros title, Rafa faced Novak again and defeated him again there. However, he made the shot of the match when in his serve to go 7-6 up in the final set he produced a mesmerizing forehand to get the 1st point from almost a dead position with Novak standing still, totally surprised.

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