Top 10 Best Badminton Players of the World

Badminton is a very popular sport which was originally developed by Britishers in India during the 18Th Century as a recreational pastime game. However, it has become a worldwide loved sport today and has also been an Olympic sport since 1992. The craze for racket and feather cork can be seen from a child to a retired man. Here is a list of top 10 ace shuttlers according to their recent achievements. Take a look at the best badminton players of this era.

 10 . Lee Chong Wei:

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a very talented male professional shuttle player of Malaysia. He was the only player from Malaysia who secured 1st rank in men’s singles in 2008 after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim and maintained this position for more than two weeks. He was a silver medalist in both the Olympics 2012 and Olympic 2008. This achievement of his helped him to earn the title of ‘National Hero’ by the country’s Prime Minister and ‘Datuk’ by the President as he has been responsible for ending medal drought since 1996.

9. Wang Shixian:

Wang Shixian was chosen as a member of China National Junior Team in 2005 and just a year later she was promoted to the second level adult team. In 2009, she finally got the chance of being a part of a first level adult team and play at the International level. She got her first Super Series title in Malaysian Open by beating Wang Xian in 2009.  However it came as a shock when Badminton Olympics Team dropped her name from London Olympics Team 2012.  As a result badminton fans from China walked barefoot on the street of Beijing to condemn this decision. This led to a drop in her ranking from number 2 to number 5.

8. Simon Santoso:

Simon Santaso was a member of Tangkas Jakarta at his young age but now he is a part of Indonesian National Team PBSI. In 2005, he was a silver medalist in the Southeast Asian Games and finally got a gold medal in 2009 by winning against Sony DWI Kuncoro in the same Series. In 2007 he was qualified for semi-finals in the Chinese Taipei Open and finally he cleared finals by defeating Roslin Hashim of Malaysia in 2008. In 2009 he won his first Super Series after beating Marc Zwiebler from Germany. Recently, he got the honour of securing 5th Rank in World’s Badminton Ranking acclaimed from Indonesia.

7. Chen Jin:

Chen Jin is an elite male Badminton player from China who has currently placed on the 4th ranking in World’s Badminton Ranking. He is the World Men Singles Champion after beating Taufik Hidayat in BWF World’s Championship in2010. He is a master at using his power for high backhands and is renowned for using his power for shots. In 2008, he got qualified for the semi-finals at the Beijing Olympics but unfortunately was defeated by Lin Dan. However he was awarded with a bronze medal for defeating Lee-Hyun Li of Korea in Beijing Olympics and also got a silver medal in Badminton Asia Championships in 2008.

6.Wang Xin:

Wang Xin is among the top three female shuttlers of China and she is also the one who represented China in London Summer Olympics 2012. She is the former no. 1 Women Single Player. She had to settle with a bronze medal against Saina Nehwal due to her knee injury. Due to this defeat China’s dream of seeing all the three girls on the podium was shattered. She also won the title in Hong Kong Open by defeating Tine Baun and French Open by defeating Li Xuerui. She got her first title in Super Series Tournament.

5. Saina Nehwal:

Saina Nehwal, the Khel Ratna award winner, is the first and only Indian to win an Olympic medal for the country. . She was awarded with a Bronze medal in London Olympics 2012 against Wang Xin as she was defeated by Wang Yihan in semi-finals. Also, she is the only Indian to win a Super Series Tournament, the Indonesian Open, by defeating a higher ranked Wang Lin in Jakarta on 21 June 2009. She won the second super series title of her life in 2010, the Singapore Open followed by Indonesian Open in 2010. She was also the first Indian to win the World Junior Championship. Previously she was coached by S.M Arif but currently her coach is Atik Jauhari.

4. Wang Yihan:

Wang is one of the most popular female badminton players from China and is an ace Women’s Single Badminton player. She has won the girl’s single in both the Asian Junior and World Junior Championship in the year 2006. She also won Silver medal in the London Olympics 2012. Wang started playing at the early age of 9, with her coach Wang Pengeran. Her strokes spin the shuttle in such a manner that it is hard for her opponents to hit back. She is truly a rising badminton star whom China is eyeing with many hopes. 

3. Chen Long

Chen Long is a male badminton player from China. He has gained popularity due to his long returns and powerful backhands. He is the player who has the ability to change the scenario of the game any moment. He took part in London Olympics 2012 and got success till quarter finals but was defeated by Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia in semi-finals. So he had to settle with Bronze medal by beating Lee Hyun-IL. He is on 3rd ranking in World Badminton Ranking. He was also a member of Chinese Team when the team won Thomas Cup 2010 in Kuala Lumpur. He was awarded with gold medal in the Asian Games held in Guangzhou along with his team.

2. Lin Dan:

He is a male badminton player from China who at the age of 28 won nine major titles in the badminton world after completing “Super Grand Slam”. These nine major titles include two titles in Olympics, four titles in World Champion, five titles in England Champion. His fans used to call him”Super Dan”. He started this journey of winning laurels for his country since 2000 and this saga continues. In 2008, he was the first man from China to win gold medal in Men’s Singles. He also defeated Lee Chong Wei in Asian Games and hence awarded with a gold medal.

1.       Li Xuerui:

She is the female badminton player from China who was chosen for London Olympics 2012 instead of well known and elite player Wang Shixian to represent the country. This decision was criticized a lot but she in return hit hard in the face of the critics by winning the Gold medal in the London Olympics 2012 after beating Wang Yihan . In ecstasy she flung her racket in the sky and waved her hand to the audience. This is considered to be the best achievement in her whole lifetime and since then she has risen higher and higher and finally secured 2nd rank in World Badminton ranking.


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