Top 10 Skills You Must Learn

Every person requires to learn some basic skills in order to become successful and survive in life. A person should know all the basic skills that can serve as valuable assets in workplace as well as in general life. Success is defined by different approaches by different people. Some people define success as being wealthy and rich. Some others define success as being popular and powerful. Yet another approach relates success with social and emotional well-being. So a natural question arises “when is a person considered successful” or “what things are responsible for a person’s success”. So we have tried to state few of the important skills that a person should learn to be successful in every aspect of life.

10.  Adapting the traditions of a particular place:


A very famous phrase says- ‘WHEN IN ROME DO AS ROMANS DO’, it means abiding by the customs of a society when one is a visitor. This skill makes one both polite and in an advantageous position. Adapting to local customs anywhere in the world helps to fit in that society much easily. For instance if one is visiting Germany they eat their pizza with knife and fork so one should also eat pizza with knife and fork. Developing skill can save a person from many awkward situations.

9. Basic cooking:


In today’s world in order to survive and walk with the fast moving world one should to know how to feed oneself by learning the basic cooking. Basic cooking does not needs an expert to be taught but one can learn it from their mothers or magazines or internet, and can empower this skill themselves. Basic cooking includes feeding a person in need with the two times meals and satisfies the hunger.

8. Developing a sense of fashion:


Developing a basic sense of fashion is a skill important in every aspect of man’s life- personal, professional and social. In today’s world in order to stay one step ahead than the rest it is very important to look one’s best. As known to everybody a well-dressed man gets a second look unlike some people who try to fight for it. In order to develop basic sense of fashion one can start by learning what colors look good on him, what his best features are and last but not the least keep the track of trends in market but not follow them slavishly. Basically, developing a basic sense of fashion means developing your own style which looks good on you with being comfortable enough.

7. Learning basic accounting:


Learning basic accounting is very important for any business. Understanding basic accountancy is very important for understanding financial properly otherwise one can be lost and keep searching at different sources. A lots of transactions occur in business and one needs to record and monitor them at each step so the future plans and financial goals can be achieved otherwise every effort will become meaningless. Basic accounting includes leaning revenues, expenses, balance sheets, assets, income statement etc.

6. Learning how to say ‘no’:


One should be able to say no to new commitments if he/she is unable to pare their present schedule. This habit can help reduce the stress levels and focus on what’s really important.Instead of saying yes to more requests out of guilt, inner conflict or misguided notion that we can do it, it is more favorable to say no for ourselves and those we love. As if we agree to the tasks even if we don’t really want to do it but because we feel obligated to those persons in some way than instead of taking enjoyment in the tasks we would later feel anger and resentment towards those persons in the end.

5. Learning basic medical first aid:


It is very important for everybody to learn basic first aid, as one can need them anytime anywhere- at home, at work, at school or even on a holiday. It is an important skill as it gives the confidence to act in minor or major situations. By learning basic simple procedures and following simple guidelines under first aid one can save lives until professional medical help arrives. Basic first aid includes dealing with everyday cuts, scraps and nosebleeds. First aid is also available for more major diseases like asthma, sunburns, poison, low blood sugar, fractures etc.

4.Learning one sport or any physical activity:


In a person’s life a physical activity plays an important role in health, well-being and its quality. Physically active people live more longer and healthy lives. They are also more productive as compared to others and less prone to illness and injuries. Conclusively physical activity helps in healthy growth and development of a person, prevents him from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. It also makes one stronger. Gives energy to carry out daily works, reduces stress levels and prolong independence as one grows old.

3.Quality of quick decision making:


Many times people question or second guess the decision they take or waste too much time in deciding and therefore delay their actions. A person should be confident enough to make faster decisions, stick with them and move on. As they say sometimes in life decisions have to be made without the alignment of stars, as most of the time stars will never align. So one should be quick enough to decide accept success or failure as the outcome and move on instead of wasting years on questioning oneself and delaying decisions.

2.Developing self-confidence:


Self-confidence is an extremely important trait for every aspect of our life, but it is seen that many people struggle to find self-confidence in them. In order to find success in life a person should be enough self –confident, because only self-confident person can gain the confidence of others. There are many ways in which one can show his level of self-confidence, for example- his body language, his way of saying things, his behavior etc. Also a self-confident person is the key for inspiring confidence in others who come in his/her contact- audience, peers, friends, customers and bosses.

1.Communication with people: 


In order to achieve success in professional as well as personal level, in other words in business or in any aspect of life it is very important to develop proper and effective communication skills. Although we can say that everybody communicates in some way or other but for effective communication a person requires skills. Seeing from personal point of view communicating our needs, feelings and opinions is important not only to maintain quality of life but also to preserve our sense of identity. From professional point of view a good communicator always impresses other people and paves his way to success.

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