10 Reasons Why Sports are Good for Health

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy…” is a very famous proverb, is not only for a child, it is applicable to all age groups. In present life style almost everyone is deviating from sports and other physical activities, the reason behind this is busy life schedule; children are busy with their studies and working people with their works. The remuneration of being involved in sports is not only physical fitness; it provides mental and social benefits as well. Now a day’s sports are tuning out to be big business and hence adding to the opportunities for everyone from kids to older persons. Being active in sports can increase one life time, change the thinking ability, helps to people lose weight and helps in curing and prevention of various diseases, etc. There is no any age specification to start playing, one can be active in sports from the time he/she realizes its importance. The best thing about sports is, sports offer numerous benefits without any side effects and doesn’t require any recommendation from any doctor or specialist. Here are 10 points which can explain easily, why sports are good for health.

10). Coordination and Reaction.

Coordination is basically ones control on our body and the functioning of our body parts, where as reaction refers to the ability of our body parts to react towards any stimulus or change. Coordination is very important for our body, as from sitting to writing or driving and every other activity performed are due to proper coordination of our body. Reaction is very necessary to avoid injuries. According the researches the person active in baseball, tennis, soccer or other sport has the shortest reaction time and is capable of doing repetitive reaction and coordination activities that can never happen exactly the same way more than once by a non-sporty person.

9). Good for Adequate Sleep.

Sleep is also very important for being healthy. Almost all sports require a lot of physical activity and energy, and thus make us feel bushed. In order to regain the lost energy one needs to sleep and hence games and sports can be a very good solution for a comforting sound night sleep. If a person feel sleep deprived, doctors recommend him/her to do some physical work or to get involved in sports in the evening time.

8). Reducess the Risk of Osteporosis.

The word Osteporosis means ‘porous bones’, it is a bone realted disease which head to greater risk of fracture. The BMD(bone mineral density) of the person having Osteporosis is reduced and the variety and quantity of proteins in bone are amended. It is one of the serious health matters, especially for females. Its risk can be reduced with meditation and sports up to a high extent; Women Sport’s Foundation promotes the participation of girls in sports activities to reduce the chances of Osteoporosis at later stages.

7). Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer.

 Sport is considered to be a natural method of preventing and curing various diseases. American Cancer Society suggests 30 minutes exercising daily for prevention of cancer. Researches prove that daily exercising or sports reduces cancer chances by variation in immune system and body metabolism by reducing the chances of further weight gain.Walking, swimming, exercising, dancing, yoga, meditation and other such physical activities can prevent cancer up to a high extent. It is found that the girls and women who participate in sports activities regularly are at lower risk of breast cancer. Sports can also reduce the chances of colon cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

6). Improves Cardio Respiratory Health.

Heart health can be maintained and improved by actively participating in sports activities on regular basis. American Heart’s Association recommends all healthy adults to get a minimum of thirty minutes of physical exercise daily, can split this thirty minutes session to two fifteen minutes sessions.  Swimming, running, bicycling all helps to reduce blood pressure and can help to quit smoking, it also lowers the chances of diabetes, improves the working capability and indirectly improves the quality of life. It can help people of all age groups by improving the health and functioning of heart, blood vessels and lungs. Such physical activities can also reduce the chances of stroke and coronary diseases.

5). Weight Maintenance.

Sports help in increasing metabolic rates and decreases body mass by smoldering calories and reducing excess fat getting deposited. This is estimated that one in three children in obese or flabby, the reason behind this is inactive in physical activities and poor eating habits. Maintaining proper eating habits with regular exercising routine can help a person to lose weight at a faster rate. Researchers compiled the list of sports good in trimming the unnecessary fat, in which squash is at the number one, followed by cycling and rowing. An overweight person is at high risk of diseases like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and stroke and kidney failure. The only simple way without any side effects to avoid such diseases is being active in sports activities.

4). Improves Muscular Strength.

Children active in sports elongate their muscles during practicing and playing games on regular basis, it improves the child’s flexibility on high amount. As the age increases the importance of physical activity also increases for healthy bones, joints and muscles. Proper building of strong bones and flexible muscles is very essential for children’s healthy body and mind. Sports like wrestling, weightlifting and others that challenge our muscular system develop the tolerating capability of muscles and also strengthen them. Getting engaged in such sports also helps to strengthen ligaments and tendons, increases balancing ability, agility, controls blood pressure and coordination. The improvement in strength of muscular system is directly proportional to the boost in self-esteem and confidence level of the person.

3). Improves Stamina and Tolerance Power.

Children active in physical activities like swimming, playing outdoor games, running, etc have healthy cardiovascular surviving power and stamina, and they are much active in doing physical works than children non active in sports. The children having more stamina and staying power are less probable to tiredness due to playing, walking and other such physical activities.

2). Psychological Benefits.

Physical activeness also activates the mental processing. Playing outdoor games and exercising increases the rate of blood flow to various parts of body and our brain. Regular exercising also decreases fretfulness, depression and also improves the quality of sleep. Physical activity source the brain to ooze endorphins, chemical that helps in fighting emotional trauma and physical twinge. Sports is one of the best natural ways to enhance self esteem and to increase the concentration ability and lessens the chances of strain related issues and probability of hypertension. It edifies us to give positive response to defeat, without dropping the self confidence. Indirectly sports make the person mentally stronger.

1). Conditioning and Fitness.

Sports make us feel fresh and also activate the physical and functioning of the body to a large extent. While playing outdoor games a person burns calories and trims the useless fat. Sports help to uphold a healthy weight and promote laborious physical activities without any tiredness.


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