Top 10 Ways To Being A Better Singer

Every musician aims high. Even the most talented will always look forward towards great singing. The art of singing is based on several factors such as the breath and the posture while singing. Lots of efforts will, however, have to be put forward to achieve the dream. Here are some of the ways that help improve the singing.

10. Develop The Best Posture While Singing

Many singers will talk about standing as the optimum posture. However, this must be coupled with proper positioning of the mouth, the jaws as well as the shoulders.  With the jaws dropping down and the upper part of the mouth raised to the back, you allow the throat open, hence more air. The shoulders should also be under no stress.

9. Do Some Warm Up

Every singing requires some warm up. The warm up will necessarily not be part of the singing but to help in opening the lower voice as well as the upper voice.

8. Appreciate The Pitch

A set pitch helps you in avoiding nuisance tones and sounds. Using a keyboard or a piano is a brilliant thing as you will sing along with the pitch. Practice with all the keys.

7. Sing Daily

As the saying goes’ practice makes perfects’, so is the singing. Singing regularly helps to strengthen the voice and also reach the high and low voices.

6. Drink Water

Body dehydration will certainly not work for a singer. Ensuring you take at least 8 glasses of water a day will fight the problem. Alcohols will be also not good for a singer. It generally dehydrates the body resulting in poor singing.

5. Avoid Sugary Foods Before Singing

Most sugary foods will help in building up mucus along the throat lining. These will include ice creams, sweets, cheese and yoghurt. This will definitely make singing difficult and hoarse sounds are most likely.

4. Keep Off Smoking

Smoking has lots of negative things on the lungs with the most obvious being lung damage. A damaged lung will hinder proper breathing and thus difficulties in breathing while singing. Smoking will also affect the throat resulting in unpleasing sounds.

Better Singer

3. Avoid Straining Your Voice

One may think that by singing too loudly or too high would show proficiency in singing. On the contrary, it damages the vocal codes and you end up with a hoarse voice. Sing only up to your manageable limit. Once the throat hurts, you will know that you have sung beyond your capabilities and should stop.

2. Take A Deep Breath Every Day

Practicing singing on a daily basis is important but will not work alone without daily practice on deep breathing.  This breathing works wonders and will have your voice improved.

1. Pay Attention When Starting To Sing

Having your full focus on the singing will help you recognize when to take a deep breath. This is very vital as it is the air that will keep you all through to the pausing part. Otherwise, lacking air will end to get you tired easily and thus produce low quality sounds.

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