Top 10 songs by Breaking Benjamin

  1. Crawl – Dear Agony


Crawl is the third track in the Breaking Benjamin album – Dear Agony. This song starts with drop ‘D’ guitar riffs and a hardcore percussion intro. Crawl signifies everything that is much, attributed to the genre of music developed by the band. It has a dark metal feel and similar to most songs by Breaking Benjamin, crawl too has engaging lyrics.


  1. Without You – Dear Agony


The concluding track of Dear Agony, Without You surprisingly does not have the recognition it might have received had it been released 10 years earlier. Even so, the song has a very large following of active listeners and for us Without You secures the ninth spot.


  1. Until The End – Phobia

Breaking Benjamin Live

Phobia is the third album that Breaking Benjamin released in 2006. Statistically it is the most successful album the band has released yet. Until the End, which is the sixth track in the play list has an extremely rhythmic intro coupled with engaging melodic lyrics. For us the song secures the eighth spot in our top ten lists. Also, until the end, does not have any supporting vocals by the second lead of the band, which is very unlike Breaking Benjamin.


  1. Dance with the Devil – Phobia

Dance with the Devil

The seventh track and right after Until the End, Dance with the Devil is our number seven song for the top ten lists as well. It seriously has a very striking intro that is, tuned to drop ‘C’ riffs. There are overlapping lyrics and meshing of the sound with the rhythm of the words is sublime. Dance with the Devil, similar to Crawl signifies everything that Breaking Benjamin put into the genre of songs they produce.


  1. I will not Bow – Dear Agony

Until the End

The most metal intro that Breaking Benjamin has ever done in an album, I will not Bow stands as our number six song. Agonizing screams and hardcore metal guitar riffs make up this unique yet inspirational piece of art. I will not bow would considerably make a metal fan proud while the lyrics are as good as any other song Breaking Benjamin, the blend of metal music with alternative rock is undoubtedly praiseworthy.


  1. Had Enough – Phobia


Heaviest of Breaking Benjamin Songs, Had enough is quite similar to our previous entry I will not Bow. The track is, listed as the 11th entry in Phobia’s play list and offers a very heavy metal feel dissimilar with many other songs that BB usually records.


  1. Dear Agony – Dear Agony

Dear Agony

Dear Agony is the one of the most popular songs for Breaking Benjamin and it carries the same name as that of the album it represents. The vocals here are very engaging and music blends with the lyrics that are, employed. Dear Agony is my personal favorite song by the band.


  1. Breath – Phobia

Phobia Cover

The second best song of the album Breath gets the third spot in our top ten rankings for Breaking Benjamin songs. The vocals, the music, the conclusion and every other feature was perfect yet the only reason the gets beaten for is its relatively weak intro. Breath unlike second and first rated songs does not have a strong intro. Other than this, the song is one of the best creations by the band.

  1. Give me a Sign – Dear Agony


The fourth track in Dear Agony, Give me a Sign is probably one of the most emotionally geared songs by the band. It signifies the struggles of the lead singer Benjamin himself and the metal trauma he went through his illness. The song itself depicts the latter while vocals and music are, as always, extremely engaging.


  1. Diary of Jane – Phobia


If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind about Diary of Jane being Breaking Benjamin best song then I highly recommend him/her to review the song once more. Diary of Jane undoubtedly is one of the most melodic alternative rock song created in the latter decade. It is only fitting that this tops our list of best songs created by Breaking Benjamin.

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