Top 10 Reasons That One Direction Is The Best Musical Group Today

Music is a very precious part of everyone’s life. Music is a melody either loud or slow that gives an individual, pleasure and happiness. Keeping in mind the genre of today’s music, many new and talented musicians have emerged but one has left a special mark in people’s hearts and is continuing to do so, they are One Direction. After achieving chart topping numbers and albums everywhere, they have now starred in their own documentary movie and released their debut fragrance. These five very young boys are wooing girls all across the globe besides making great music. In this reference, here are a few reasons why they are the best right now.

10. Touching Lyrics

Their songs speak the truth, describe the real emotions of a girl and tell what they want to hear from their better halves, thus, this makes their music more beautiful.

9. Justifies the New Genre of Music

Since they themselves started when they were all teenagers, their music focused mainly on using pop elements having a teen and dance inductions. A lot of guitar and keyboard influences are also present mainly complementing their evergreen choruses which are heard in almost every song.

8. One Special Member

The second youngest member, Niall Horan, 20, has the fantastic ability to play a guitar too. His guitar playing skills are well used in their second album especially visible in their popular song “Little Things”.

7. Individual Personalities

They have very different and unique characteristics. These characteristics are very conspicuous in their singing. Harry Styles, 19, who is the youngest and the most famous among girls uses his flirtatious trait while singing which makes it emotional and touching. Liam Payne’s maturity and Zayn Malik’s quietness are also noticeable in their solos, in a number.

6. Powerful Voices

Many fans have mentioned how their heart beats faster when Zayn Malik, 20, catches those high notes and justifies them very nicely besides Louis Tomlinson’s , 21, who is the oldest member, sweetest and most unique voice giving them goose bumps everywhere. Harry Styles’ strength to pour emotions, Liam Payne’s, 20, skill to produce those small and beautiful vocal cord improvisations and Niall Horan’s mischievous and cute expressions make their songs and singings perfect.

5. Mixed Heritage and Nation

The most fascinating thing about this boy band is that they have a Muslim member, Zayn Malik. He is half British but believes in Muslim and that has to some extent helped them acquire fans even in conservative middle-east and south Asian countries. Other than this, Niall Horan is Irish unlike others who are all English. This different culture has triggered more interest in them, among fans, due to their bonding despite it.

4. Entertaining

From live performances in television shows or award shows to their concert tours, the boys are always very entertaining. Doing impersonations of each other, creating human pyramid, doing ball dancing with each other and so on, on stages during their tours have tagged them as hilarious.

Best Musical Group

Reasons That One Direction Is The Best Musical Group Today

3. Bonding among themselves

The fact that they were put together as a band and not created by themselves amazes the fans more when it comes to their bonding. They have revealed how they see each other as brothers and would be incomplete without each other. This friendship makes them stronger as a band and lovable among the fans.

2. Charity Work

Having very normal upbringing didn’t uproot the humanity from them. After reaching the best status worldwide, the boys made a million dollar donation through their song “One Way” for the betterment of many unfortunate kids in Africa and UK. They have also supported many other charities and contributed to them in some way.

1. Good Looks

With good voices and pleasing personalities, these boys are gifted with good looks making girls cry over them all around the world.

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