Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

We’ve known and seen a lot of band guitarists and solo guitarists perform in the stage, however have you ever wondered if they’re part of the so called royal and famous guitarists of all time? A guitar player is not just about playing, it’s also about emotion, style, and techniques. Let’s check out the top 10 greatest guitar players of all time.

Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

Jimi Hendrix

Aside from singing and writing, Jimi Hendrix is also a guitar player. He is not just some guitarist, he is in fact the greatest and said to be one of the most influential of all times. He started playing at the age of 15 and his main focus was playing using amplifiers that are overdriven. Most guitar enthusiast considers Jimi as a legend.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy started his career not as an instant guitar star but as a session musician in a studio in London. He falls 2nd in the list for his techniques are simply impressive that some considers him as God when it comes to guitar playing.


Aside from being part of the famous Guns N’ Roses band, Slash has made his name simply by playing his guitar and showing off his skills. He is a total package. He plays great music, plays the guitar with soul and continuously improves his techniques.

Eric Clapton

Known as “Slowhand”, Eric Clapton falls on the 3rd spot and is considered as one of those guitarists who is very influential.  His music genres are usually rock, psychedelic and hard rock. In the early years of his career, he has been exposed to Rock and roll and has joined The Yardbirds, he also joined the Bluesbreakers in the year 1965 and made a name for himself.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards came from England and has been exposed to rock, rhythm and blues. His style of playing was said to be direct. Others claimed he plays guitar incisively without any pretentions. The main focused of his playing were on 2 factors; the rhythms and Chords.

BB King

Riley is way famous for his stage name as “B.B. King”. His music influence was so diverse that his music genre was blues, R&B, jazz, soul and a lot more. He does not just play guitar, he writes music, sing it and even produced it. Riley is considered a very influencial blues guitarist in the music industry.

Carlos Santana

Who can forget Carlos Santana? Originated from California, this guy is a great band leader who can play not just guitar but also percussion. Just like any other guitarists, Carlos was greatly influenced by the likes of B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green and that of John lee Hooker.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie is part of the list mainly because of his guitar skills and his innovative ways when playing a guitar. In fact, he has innovated few hand tapping techniques. He is associated with different artists such as Van Halen, LL Cool J, Brian May and a lot more of cool artists.

Randy Rhoads

Randy is one of those highly popular guitarists of heavy metal music. He was mostly associated with Ozzy Osbourne and unfortunately died because of plane crash in the year 1982 when he was on tour. Randy may have been influenced by some of the greatest guitarists in his younger years however he too has influenced other aspiring guitarists such as Mick Thomson, Michael Romeo and a lot more.

Kirk Hammett

If you’re a fan of Metallica, then I’m sure you know Kirk Hammett. He is also associated with the band called Exodus. His music genre mostly evolves on heavy metals, hard rock, and speed and thrashes metal.

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