Top 10 Worst Directors of Bollywood

Bollywood has done wonders in the recent times. There have been many directors who have tried their luck with new ideas in bollywood. As the new trends have been tried , some have made the tables turn but some have failed to made their way and have managed well to be included in the list of top 10 worst directors. Its only a matter of box office which make or destroy yhe licks in the film industry. common man has become obsessed with hindi cinema , thus the expectation have also rose to great heights. Hence stop making a mockery of comedy , action or suspense the film directors should move to carve out a new direction.

10. Anubhav Sinha

Ra.One was the talk of the town bollywood before its release as wonders done by James Cameroon had ruled the film industry only a year back. There had been a new trend of using computer generated images and graphics in films. But on expected lines the techniques used in Ra.One were not able to match those produced by Cameroon. Thus making not much on the silver screen with not so up to the date techniques and a weak plot , Ra.One brings the director Anubhav Sinha on the 10th number of the worst directors of bollywood.

9. Anees Bazmee

Not making much in the genre of comedy Anees Bazmee occupies the 9th position in the list of worst directors of bollywood. Salman Khan and Asin do present a sizzling chemistry on screen but failed to made “Ready” a success. It prove out to be a effort in vain as it was a disaster to make the audience laugh.

8. Hema Malini

“Tell Me O Khuda” a Hema Malini’s effort  try her lick in the field of direction. But she has always proved out to a maestro in acting but this beautiful and vivacious actor could not make a success and thus landed as a number 8. In our worst directors list. Though a guest appearance by Salman Khan was the attraction still the movie couldn’t rock onscreen and hence resulting as a blunder.

7.  Pankaj Kapoor

“mausam” actually made the audience wait for the interval and keep on longing for the end , as the effort by versatile actor but not so vivacious director Pankaj Kapoor , bored the audience in theatres. Shahid Kapoor an d Sonam Kapoor were not accepted by the audience as a romantic couple and the weak plot of the movie flopped badly. Let always hope for the best in the upcoming movies from a brilliant mind like Pankaj Kapoor and wish him lick in future.

6. David Dhawan

After giving a number of comic hits David Dhawan made a Blunder in directing “rascals” where Ajay Devgan and Sanjay dutt are seen toiling hard to bring out the air out of lungs of the audience. Kangana Ranawat as beuty with no brain is as usuall with her cranky voice and exasperating acting. Hence our number 6 director is David Dhawan.

5. Ram Gopal Varma

Ramu tried to give a pictorial representation to a true story with not so beautiful Mahi Gill , where he failed to collect at the box office. Ramu has been famous for his experiments on screen but never did this time he could succeed.Making a blunder wotha real story proved to be failure on the reel and thus awarding Ram Gopal Verma with the 5th position on our countdown.

4. Abhiney Deo

“ Game” another blunder on screen has won the 3rd proud rank on the list of  worst directors of hindi film industry, Nothing could be created out of a blend of suspense and action. Not always can a same formula of putting a series of thrills and some action then mixing it with a speck of suspense , could be fruitfull.

3. Anurag Kashyap

“That Girl In Yellow Boots” though the name appeared to be quite attaractive but Kalki with her oversized lips failed badly on screen. There was nothing new in the movie except a fashionable name. No one from the audience could praise the effort by Anurag Kashyap as it could make nothing much than making the audience yawn in their seats , who took the a pain of all the way from their cosy beds to the multiplex , probably carried away by the name of the movie.

2.  Indira Kumar

“Dhamal” with abunch of four innocent fools rocked the silver screen but quite the opposite proved the sequel “Double Dhamal”. A group of same fools could not make it this time as Sanjay Dutt in the movie is over highlighted for his tricks and quote a predictable end of the movie gave a very monotonous plot to the whole scenario. Another effort of trying success by a bollywood item number “razia” also could not break the records of “munni” and “sheela”.

1. Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder is undoubtedly the Kind of Worst Directors, his films depict total nonsense without a sense of humor. Shirish Kunder’s two films as a director Jaan-E-Mann and Joker have already flopped inspite of having big star cast. That shows that a films value is still by it’s content. He has big industry support due to her wife Farah Khan but we just hope that he doesn’t makes any more films and people get saved from the Misery.


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