Top 10 Things to Do to Make Movie Night More Fun

Movie nights should be anything but boring. It would be more fun to watch movies with your family, friends, or your loved one. Here are some tips to make movie night as exciting as it can be.

10. Dress the part. It will be nice to turn your movie night into a themed mini-party. You can decorate the room and you can send out invitations asking them to dress according to the theme. You can also prepare food that will go with the movie that you will watch. For example, you can ask your movie night buddies to dress up as students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry if you will be watching a Harry Potter Movie. You can send an acceptance letter as invitations and serve butter beer, pumpkin juice, steak, kidney pie, and black pudding.

Movie Night with family

9. Play games. While waiting for your other movie night buddies to arrive, you can play trivia with those who are already there in your place. In case of the mentioned theme, Harry Potter, you can prepare plenty of questions. In case of movies with limited information, you can include other movies in preparing questions as long as those movies are still related to the theme.

8. How does it end? This one can be done in two ways. You can either make guesses about how the movie will end, have some sort of a prize for the one who will guess it correctly or makes a guess that is closest to what the actual ending is. The other way is to have your friends come up with their own version of the movie’s ending.

7. Turn off mobile phones. This is very basic and can keep the mood going. No distractions mean all of you can focus on the movie. If everyone of you is expecting a very important call, he or she can at least put the phone on silent mode.

6. Use props. You can use some props that go with the movie night theme. For the example which is Harry Potter, you can use a sorting hat. Instead of wearing one, you can have papers in it where name of the houses are written and your friends can sit with the house members according to the house that they picked. You can also have different food for each house to put something on stake.

5. Sit baby. Prepare a variety of seats so everyone can pick whichever is most comfortable for them. You can spread blankets; have beanbags, chairs, and cushions.

4. Take a break. Set a break time for about five to ten minutes so people can go get some more snacks, go to the bathroom, or just chat. You can play music from the movies soundtrack softly to preserve the mood but still allow people to hear each other when they talk.

3. Snap a shot. You can set up a photo booth or a backdrop near the door wherein your movie night buddies can have their pictures taken just like celebrities on a red carpet movie premiere.

2. Make it a night to remember. Prepare something that your movie night buddies can keep as souvenir for the night. It may be any significant object in the movie or a movie ticket with the title of the movie, the date, time, and place indicated.

1. The best party is the after-party. Enjoy the food and drinks while catching up with what’s happening with your friends’ lives or discuss the movie that you guys just watched.

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