Top 10 Movies Where You Will Find Sandra Bullock Acting

10. Two weeks’ notice


In this movie, Sandra Bullock plays the character of Lucy Kelson who is a liberal lawyer, whose specialization is in environmental law. She meets George Wade, an immature billionaire to save the community center. He is ready to save the community center, if she agrees to work for him.

9. Miss Congeniality


When Miss United States pageant gets the threat about the bombing, the FBI sends its special agent, Mary Ashleigh Green played by Sandra Bullock to find out the culprits behind the threat. The problem is, she has to go in disguise of a contestant, and she is a tomboy.

8. The Blindside


This is a biographical story of Michael Oher, a traumatized and the homeless boy who became first round NFL draft pick and All American football player, due to the help of a caring woman and her family. Sandra Bullock played the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, who with the help of her family inspires Michael Oher to get success. The film went to win an academy award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award.

7. A time to kill


A movie adaptation of John Grisham’s novel, Sandra Bullock plays the assistant and liberal law student, Ellen Roark of the lawyer, Jake Brigance in this movie. He is defending a black man, who has been accused of killing 2 men who raped his 10 year old daughter. The trial sparks the rebirth of the KKK.

6. 28 days


In this movie, Sandra Bullock plays the character of Gwen Cummings, A big-city newspaper columnist, who is sentenced to enter an alcohol and drug rehab center, when she ruins the wedding of her sister and crashes the stolen limousine.

5. In love and war


The story of this movie is a part of biography of the celebrated writer, Ernest Hemingway when he worked as the reporter and works as an ambulance driver in World War I. After wounded in war, Hemingway is admitted to the Military Hospital, where he meets Agnes von Kurowsky, a nurse played by Sandra Bullock.

4. The lake house


This movie tells an interesting story. Dr. Kate forester, who is lonely and occupies the lakeside home, exchanges the letters with a frustrated architect, Alex Wyler who was the former tenant. The movie passes through and forth in time. They have very little time to unravel the mystery. In this movie, Sandra Bullock played the Dr. Kate Forester and Keenu Reeves played the character of Alex Wyler.

3. The Proposal


Sandra Bullock plays a pushy boss, Margaret Tate who convinces her assistant, Andrew Paxton to act as her fiancé, to keep her from deporting back to Canada. The planning of resuming their separate lives after the resolution of the visa issue crumbles, as their relationship goes through various phases.

2. Speed


Speed is an action-thriller film, which was directed by Jan de Bont. Keenu Reeves plays a young cop who has to prevent a bomb from exploding on a city bus. He has done this by keeping the speed of the bus above 50 mph. Sandra Bullock plays the part of Anne Porter who is a passenger on the bus. The film won 2 Academy Awards for Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

1. While you were sleeping


In this movie, Sandra Bullock plays a lonely ticket collector, Lucy Moderatz, who has a crush on Peter Callaghan played by Peter Gallagher. She saves his life at the metro station. While he is in coma, she falls in love with his brother.


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