Top 10 Movies Star-cast By Tom Cruise

10. Valkyrie 


This movie depicts the dramatization of the 20 July plot by German army officers for assassinating Adolf Hitler in 1944. Tom Cruise plays the part of one of the key plotters, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. The other cast included Bill Nighy, Terence Stamp, Kenneth Branagh and others. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer.

9. Vanilla Sky


The English remake of the Spanish movie, Abre Los ojos OR (Open Your Eyes) the movie was an odd combination of romance, science fiction and reality warp. In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a successful publisher who finds after a car accident with a jaded lover; his life takes a surreal turn.

8. Mission Impossible III


The third movie in the series Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise continued the role of Ethan Hunt; an IMF agent confronts the deadly threat of a sadistic and dangerous arms dealer. In this movie he tries to keep his identity secret for the protection of his girlfriend. Released at Tribeca Film Festival, Tom Cruise also served as the producer for this movie.

7. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles 


This movie depicts the narration of a Vampire about his life story: betrayal, hunger, loneliness and love. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise played the main characters in this movie. After Lestat or Tom Cruise turned Louise or Brad Pitt in 1791, this story depicts their time together to the present day. It is framed by a present day interview, when Louis is telling his story to a journalist.

6. Born on the Fourth of July


The movie is filmed in the autobiography of the Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic with the same name. Tom Cruise played the role of the main character, which was paralyzed in the Vietnam War. After feeling betrayed by the country he fought for, he became pro-human rights and an anti-war political activist. This movie was nominated for 8 Academy awards and won two Academy awards.

5. Mission Impossible – II


The second movie in the series, Tom Hunt continues to play the role of IMF agent, Ethan Hunt who is sent to Sydney for finding and destroying a genetically modified disease, which is known as Chimera.

4. Rain Man


Tom Cruise played the role of the Charlie Babbitt, a selfish and abrasive son and Dustin Hoffman played the other savant son Raymond. The film won several awards including 4 Oscars and Golden Bear.

3. Mission Impossible



The first in the movie series, it took the inspiration from the TV series which had the same name. Here, Tom Cruise plays an IMF agent, Ethan Hunt who has the mission to uncover the traitor, who framed him for the murder of the entire team.

2. The Last Samurai



This movie was big hit and was nominated for many awards like 3 Golden Globe awards, 2 National Board of review awards and 4 Academy Awards. In this movie, Tom Cruise portrayed an American Advisor whose emotional and personal conflicts brought him in contact with Samurai Warriors after being captured by them in war in the 19th century.

1. Top Gun


A story of two friends, which is set at the Navy’s elite fighter weapons school, whose students are competing to be the best in the class. An amazing and a must watch movie.

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