Top 10 Morals From The Famous Movies

10. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows


This movie is about an orphan who learns about his real identity at a certain age and then his struggle begins. In order to achieve his aim he had to lose his near and dear ones. Hence from this movie we learn at everything has its cost which everyone needs to pay.

9. Ratatouille


This movie is about a rat having the extraordinary talent of cooking unlike the son of the one of the greatest chefs. He assists the guy to cook delicious food. Hence from this movie we learn that not everyone has a great talent but yes a great talent can come from anywhere.

8. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs


The story revolves around the beautiful princess whose step mother is after her life because of Snow white’s beauty. She then takes the form of an old lady with the help of her black magic and approaches her step daughter in the forests, with a poisoned apple, where she lives with seven dwarfs. Hence from this movie we learn that never rely on strangers.

7. Beauty And The Beast


This story is one of the most famous stories. In this a beautiful princess is captured by an ugly beast. With time the princess falls in love with the beast and later it turns out the beast was a cursed prince. Hence from this story we learn that never judge a person by the looks.

6. Rapunzel


The story is about a girl who has immense long hair. She lives in a tower where she is captured by a woman who calls herself her mother. But with gradual years the black magic of the lady breaks and Rapunzel realizes her identity hence from this we learn that truth is mightier than anything else.

5. Aladdin


The story is about a boy Aladdin who is a poor boy but falls in love with the princess. He impresses her with the help of the magical lamp and genie but when she comes to know about the reality she still loves him. Hence from this story we learn that one should be oneself and never try to imitate anyone else.

4. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban


This story is about Harry discovering about his godfather. The finds out who the real culprit is and decides to hand him over to the judiciary. Hence from this movie we learn that a person is known by the decisions and choices he makes.

3. Cinderella


This story is about Cinderella who is tortured by her stepmother and sisters but eventually her godmother turns up and gives her all what she needs to get to the party but with a time limit. So from this story we learn that if you do not bind by time limits you will be in trouble.

2. Little Mermaid


This story says that no matter what you keep striving for what you want. And one day you will touch the horizon.

1.Finding Nemo


Here we learn that if you are determined to do any work then nothing can stop you. Like Nemo’s father did to find his son.


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