Top 10 Hollywood Male Comedians

One of the hardest things to do is to make other people laugh and forget about their misery right? That is why being one of the top 10 male Hollywood comedians is an honour. It takes real talent and good sense of humour to be a known good comedian in Hollywood, so let’s check the top 10 Hollywood male comedians.

Steve Martin

Top 10 Hollywood Male Comedians

Steve Martin falls in the list mainly because of his pure talent when it comes to comedy roles. He is a diverse actor who is able to perform and tackle a comedy role, he is also a playwright, a producer, an author and as well as a musician. Some of his super funny films are; Pink Panther and It’s Complicated.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell is another comedy actor who has impeccable sense of humour, not too corny yet very funny. He is famous for his despicable role, the Despicable Me part 1 and 2. Kids loved his character and thanks to his voice, he made the character more interesting and funny.

Adam Sandler

Who could not include Adam in the list? He has produced a lot of films and has garnered more than $2 billion out of his films. He is famous for his movies; Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, the Waterboy and a lot more.

Will Ferrell

Another hilarious man in Hollywood is Will Ferrell. He is not just a comedian; he is also an impressionist, a writer and a producer at the same time. Will was part of the SNL since 1995 up to 2002. In his stay in the said show, he has done nothing but made people laugh and laugh. Who could forget the voice behind Megamind? Yes, Will is way famous than you think and have garnered tons of fans when it comes to comedic acts.

Nick Swardson

Nick started as a stand-up comedian and later on evolved and is now producing and screen writing. He started comedic acts at the age of 18 and ventured out until he got his first break in a comedy convention in the U.S.

Rob Schneider

Who could forget the nicest gigolo in town? Yes, Rob is a successful comedian, screenwriter, director and stand-up comedy veteran. He has tons of good movies such as the Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick and the recent movie the Grown Ups.

Ken Jeong

Who would have thought that this comedian actor is also a physician? Who could forget his funny role in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon? He is also one of the voices behind Despicable Me. Indeed, Ken has proven his talent and made most of his viewers laugh.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha is one of the funniest comedians of today. With his unforgettable role as Aladeen in the film The Dictator, Sacha has indeed made all his viewers laughed. He is an English comedian and a voice actor too.

Jim Carry

Jim Carry is an old time favourite comedian of most Americans. He has done tons of great and hilarious movies. He also received more than one Golden Globe Award!

Leslie Nielsen

Of course, Leslie Nielsen is a veteran in terms of comedy films. During his glory days and up until his old days he never ceased to make hilarious films for his viewers. Some of his unforgettable films are the Naked Gun and Scary Movie 3.

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