Top 10 Best Torture Movies of All Time

No one knows exactly why but humans tend to find some sort of satisfaction in watching other humans being tortured to death. This is the reason why torture movies turn out to be so successful. There is a theory that by looking at other people in pain, a human who is not in pain would like to think to himself that “my life is better off than this”. This thought gives them a certain degree of satisfaction.

Below is a list of the best torture movies of all time.

10. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

A small group of young people who are reality show contestants travel through the woods and get trapped at a place where they are forced to battle some enemies. These enemies are not normal human beings but inbred cannibals who intend to butcher the travelers to death.

Top 10 Best Torture Movies Wrong Turn

9. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

The action and thrill in this movie is quite intense; you would stay at the edge of your seat the whole time. Nine teenage boys and girls are subject to physical, mental and sexual torture for 120 consecutive days by four fascist libertines.

8. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

While looking around a vacant house in Poughkeepsie, New York authorities wipe the dust off literally hundreds of tapes which document a few decades’ work of a serial killer.

7. Saw V

After the death of Jigsaw in the fourth movie of the Saw franchise, his final apprentice is raised to the status of a hero. Strahm keeps working hard to track down this hero while more strangers are put through deadly traps.

6. Autopsy

Once again a thrilling movie which is bound to reduce your nails down to your fingers, Autopsy is a movie which features a young woman who looks for her husband in an out-of-the-ordinary hospital.

5. Macabre

A young newly-wed couple together with their three best friends plan to take a long road trip on an interstate road.

4. Funny Games

Torture movies are made all the more entertaining if the antagonist is shown as a psychopathic killer. In the 2007 movie called Funny games, two people who are out of their minds take an entire family hostage inside their little cabin.

3. Psycho

A woman illegally takes control of $40,000 in cash from one of her boss’s clients and later hooks up with a motel proprietor who has been under his mother’s domination for too long.

2. Martyrs

A young woman together with her friend sets out for revenge against the people who repeatedly abused her as a child. While on their quest, they experience a living hell in which there is nothing but depravity.

Top 10 Torture Movies Martyrs

1. I Saw the Devil

At the top of this list is one film which really should not be watched by people with weak stomachs. In I Saw the Devil, a secret agent forgets what is good and what is evil after his pregnant wife becomes the latest victim to a serial murderer.

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