Top 10 Best Sports based Movies,Sports Fans are going to Love

We all know, two things are integral part of our lives, one being movies and second being sports. Some people are interested in movies, some in sports and a lot of people are interested in both sports and movies( like me), and that’s when a sport’s movie comes in the picture. A sport’s movie is a great treat for people who are interested in both sports and games. Its like a two in one package for them. Well the first sports movie ever made was The Champion with Charlie Chaplin in the lead character in 1915. The genre of these kind of movies in not fixed and it always range from silly to serious but a single fact we are assure off about the movie is that it will be motivational. So to introduce you with these eyecandies have brought for you, Top 10 sports movies, check them out.


Released in 1994 and directed by David Anspaugh, Rudy is really based on the real life story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger( he actually used to dream to play for Notre Dame). The movie is very inspirational and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. The film was also ranked by American Film Institute as 54th most inspiring film. The movie was shot at original campus of Notre Dame.

9.)Million Dollar Baby

Directed by Clint Eastwood and starred by Swank and Morgan Freeman, the movie is a masterpiece. The movie had won 2004 Academy Award for best film and Oscars for both the stars. Movie being pure and simple makes you to think about the pitch-dark substance. The end is really depressing but the movie is really great.

8.)Major League

The movie was not a serious movie as generally the sport movies are but rather it is a comedy movie. The movie was released in 1989 and was directed by David S. Ward. The movie is based on the fictional version of the well known Cleveland Indians Baseball team. The movie was a great success and had debuted as the number one movie at that time. Later on the film was followed by two sequels neither of which became a great success.

7.)Breaking Away

The movie is based a coming of age cycling and had won a Oscar and was nominated in a total of five categories.  The movie is the story of four Indiana friends who form a racing team. The movie was directed by Peter Yates and was released in 1979. American Film Institute has ranked the movie as the eigth most inspirational movie of all times.

6.)Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams was released in 1989 and was directed by Phil Alden Robinson. The film is a fantasy drama sports movie. The movie was nominated for the 3 Academy awards. The movie really turned the destiny of the Dyersville, lowa which is now considered as the one of the  must visit places for ball fans.

5.)Bull Durham


If you want a classical sports movie with a touch of romance then Bull Durham is really the right choice for you. The movie is well known for its brilliant and awesome dialogues. The film depicts the story of an aging league catcher Crash Davis who is loosing his control on the game day by day, at the same time it shows the life of a new prominent young star, Nuke Laloosh who is rising at a rapid rate.


The movie belongs to the cold war decade, i.e. between 70’s and 80’s when USSR and USA were undergoing the tremendous cold war. Well at that time whereas USA used to play with amateur players Russians always believed in professional players and hence always used professional players in all kind of sports. It shows a situation in which a Russian hockey team comes to US and the later on competition which takes place where all the major US teams looses to Russian team but later on the real miracle happens. A real nation cheerer.


Well the movie is known as the turning point for the actor Sylvestor Stallone. When he approached directors with his script nobody was daring to cast him in the main role and all the other choices were provided but afterall he got the chance and the result is in form of a film series which is considered as most inspirational film series of all the times. The movie alone had won three Academy awards. The ultimate underdog story.


The movie was released in 1986 and was directed by David Anspaugh. It is inspired from the real life event of winning of Indiana State Championship by 1954 Milan High School basketball championship. It had even won from a team lead by Oscar Robertson. The coach role was played by Gene Hackman who changed the destiny of the team. Denis Hooper from the film got Oscar nomination.

1.)Raging Bull

There are a lot of sports movies but the Raging Bull is considered as one of the greatest ever made films. The film was directed by one of the greatest directors of all times Martin Scorsese and was starred by Robert De Niro. He had gained a weight of extra 60 pounds for the movie and had won the Best actor Oscar. Its story of Jake LAMotta who later on destroyed his public life.

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