Top 10 Best Movie Villains

For as long as there were heroes, there have always been villains. Villains are usually the polar opposite of heroes in terms of personality and goal. And their roles can make or break the success of every movie. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Best Movie Villain of all time.

1. The Joker (Dark Knight)

Top 10 Best Movie Villains
Of course the late Heath Ledger was to be accounted for on the success of Dark Knight. With his sadistic and purely destructive role and purpose this made the movie a very entertaining one to watch. Forever will Heath Ledger be remembered as someone who “just want to watch the world burn.”

2. Zombies
With the amount of movies that have been based on the flesh eating undead, zombies make a good movie villain despite being dimwitted and disgusting. Their terror however will be well remembered and feared. Some people have in fact, taken the necessary precaution in case of a zombie apocalypse.

3. Hannibal Lecter
This man eating genius has to be on the list. With his many psychological battles, schemes and counter plans, Hannibal Lecter becomes an almost legendary icon to many. Even up to now the story of this man continues with prologues and epilogues of the story.

4. Jigsaw
I wanna play a game. Everyone’s favorite sadistic serial killer makes the list. His mind breaking, brutal and downright cruel traps and games are well known to everyone. Standing as possibly the most sadistic killer who usually have a somewhat reasonable reason to his murders.

5. Freddy Krueger
Although no one really couldn’t credit Freddy for many insomnia cases worldwide, he still caused a lot of people to fear sleeping. The burned flesh and his trademark claw will be well feared and remembered in Nightmare on Elm Street.

6. Lord Voldemort
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named enters the list with his very terrifying and fearful form. Book readers may remember the terror he brought to the wizarding world with the destruction and defeat of its leaders while movie viewers will remember… the absence of his nose.

7. Norman Bates
Yes Mother? Who could ever forget everyone’s most avoided Mama’s boy. One of the few villains on the list who actually have some manners. You rarely get across killers who just want to make his momma proud. Of course the fear that this psychopath left us after the movies makes this American Psycho a part of the list.

8. Darth Vader
The Child of Prophecy who fulfilled the prophecy by first nearly achieving just its opposite stands as one of the all-time best movie villain. Well, in general we couldn’t really categorize him as “Villain” as he was good at first then went bad then went good. But hey the Black-masked breathing mask thing makes him look like one hell of a villain.

9. Jason Voorhees
The anti-smoking killer of sexually active teens joins the list with his trademark hockey mask and machete. With his immortalization of the date “Friday the 13th” Jason Voorhees remains as one of the greatest horror/thriller star for many generations to come.

10. Micheal Myers
Not to be confused with the comedy actor who played Austin Powers, this mask wearing serial killer also stands as one of the horror legends of our youths with his very brutal and gory preferences in murdering people.

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