Top 10 Best Film Editing Tools 2012

Films are the modern and the best way to communicate and to inform the masses. A film may be of just 2-3 hours but to develop it and present it to the viewers requires a lot of technology, hard work and many more. A movie making consists of several stages right from script writing to set design to film editing. Film editing is by far the toughest job because it decides the outlook of the movie how it is presented to the viewers. It will be of great amazement to know that the simple software we use to edit our home mad videos are used for film edting though now-a-days 3d and vfx features have added more effect to the editing part. Here in this list we offer you the top 10 best film editing tools.


It was first released in 1989 basically for MAC 2, avid media composer is a tool recommended by most of the professionals in the field. It supports multiple cameras that make it best for selecting the final shots. It scores over other contemporary editors due to features like frame cloning. It also supports third party applications in its bundle like sonicfire pro for audio mixing and squeeze 5 for compression. This tool provides a one end solution to all your editing needs and is rightly priced at $2500 . the newest version is also supported by windows .


It is an open source tool and this very feature makes it to the top 10 list. It is regularly updated by its developers. It has 2 real time streams displaying next to eah other. It has plenty editing features. It comes with additional filters and if needed they can be downloaded too.


Pinnacle video spin includes countless useful inclusions that are basic for any video editors. The interface is clean and takes few minutes even for an amateur to go through the package. It comes with pre installed titles and credits. It supports multiple formats but not to an extensive level.


A die hard movie enthusiast and dream of creating epics like AVATAR with 3d and fully loaded features, then MOVIE STORM is your right match. It lets you add countless animations transitions and effects to your movie and all in 3d. To excite you more the makers have built the interface so user-friendly that you will get addicted to it easily and will start editing your own movies much before you know.


A product from assures lucrative features at an unbeatable price. Vegas pro also remain the proof of that. Though it doesn’t sport a vibrant and flashy outlook but it can be right fully said that it is loaded with features. It mixes multiple video formats and resolutions without the need of recoding. It was actually an audio editor and mixer but it was later bought by Sony seeing its popularity. It also supports add on. It can run on any windows platform . the pricing of this tool is $450.


A 3D graphics video creation and editing software with features unlimited. The prime features include modeling , animation, rendering. It scores in its features such as game creation, real-time interactive 3D and to even top that it has post-production features also. It supports windows, Mac as well as Linux. It has cross platform compatibility.

4) WAX:-

Sometimes college brains are better than experienced professionals. Face book and many more co-corporations have been the idea of a simple college student. Even our next tool wax started out to be a simple college idea and over development and initiatives it has become one of the most looked for video editors. Both the young and old editor generations are well accustomed with this program. It serves as a stand alone application as well as plug-in for other editors. It features unlimited built in audio and video tracks. As a latest addition the top-down composting is also added in the bundle.


A old versatile tool in the editing world, known for its brand since last 18 years this tool has been one of the strongest and fastest selling product of adobe. The advantage it plays on its counterparts is that apart from strong editing it has tight integration with other adobe products like creative suite, adobe after effects etc. Adobe Careers have also become highly lucrative in the market. It has the fastest HD video layering and also supports importing from apple final cut pro. It has built in speech to text function with the help of which searching a video is pretty easy. It supports both windows and Mac and can empty your pocket by $799.

2) I-MOVIE:-

If the world worships MR. STEVE JOBS, there is a reason for it. He and his company produced things that existed in the market but still was different in some way or the other. The iMovie is also not an exception. It is a consumer level movie editing tool. It is bundled with i-LIFE. It features frame stabilization for smoother playback, drag and drop editing for ease of editors, easy to configure transitions and special effects that can be easily applied without any head ache. This tool has redefined the movie editing technique with features like non-stop motion Lego mini figure space opera. It supports Mac version of O.S and bears a price tag of $79, well it makes it the number 2 most sought out video editor.


Do you guys remember the award winning movies the curious case of Benjamin button, no country for old men and the cold mountain. Well they are all nominated for academy awards apart from that they have another common thing they were all edited using final cut pro. It supports Mac version. It supports non-destructive editing of multiple video formats and non linear too. It’s usp lies in easy mixing of files of varying formats. It has numerous tools for filtering and colour correction. Now in version 4 and upward version thanks to dynamicRT effects can be applied in real time. Try this cool stuff out who can say may be one day you are nominated at the Oscar’s too. It has rightly priced at $1299.



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