Top 10 Shakespeare Plays

The greatest writers of all times, Shakespeare has written some of the best plays in the world. His contribution to literature is unmatchable. Here’s taking a look at his best plays :-

Top Ten Shakespeare Plays

1. Romeo And Juliet – This all time favorite love story of young and old alike is by far the best of Shakespearean plays. The story of two estranged lovers who belong to warring families and their untimely death is the greatest love story of all times.

2. Hamlet – Written between 1599 and 1601, the play is set in Denmark and tells the story of Prince Hamlet and how he takes revenge on his uncle who murders the King and marries the mother of Hamlet. The play consists elements of revenge, treachery and moral corruption.

3. Macbeth – The best known Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth is a frequently performed play. This is the story of power and betrayal. One of the most powerful and darkest tragedies, it tells the story of Lord Macbeth and how the lust for power transforms him.

4. Henry V – Written in 1599, it is based on the life of King Henry V of England and gives an account of the events before and after the Battle Of Agincourt that took place in 1415 during the Hundred Year’s War.

5. Midsummer Night’s Dream – This is an adventurous romantic comedy that tells the story of four young lovers in Athens and six amateur actors who are manipulated and controlled by the fairies who dwell in a moonlit forest.

6. Richard III – This history play gives an account of the short reign of Richard III of England and is said to be approximately written in 1591. This play is classified amidst the First Folio and is often referred to as a tragedy.

7. Julius Caesar – Believed to be written in the year 1599, Julius Caesar is one of the best tragedies of Shakespeare.It depicts the conspiracy led by the protasgonist Marcus Brutus against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar and his assassination and its repercussions.

8. The Merchant Of Venice – A problematic play that is much remembered for its dramatic scenes. It revolves around the main characters Antonio, Bassanio, Portia and Shylock. The play portrays the trials and tribulations between the Christian and the Jew community.

9. The Taming Of The Shrew – This comedy is believed to have been written in 1590 and 1594. The play is about a drunkard named Sly who is tricked by a mischievous nobleman. Sly is convinced that he himself is the nobleman and then he watches the play itself that portrays the story of a nobleman Petruchio who marries the ill tempered Katherine.

10. Twelfth Night Or What You Will – Written around 1601, this play is named after the Twelfth Night Holiday of the Christmas season. Another comedy that revolves around mistaken identity. Viola is stranded on the Illyrian coast and loses contact with her twin brother called Sebastian and takes him to be dead. She then fakes as a man called Cesario and enters the service of Duke Orsino. The story develops thereafter.

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