Top 10 Bestselling Books of India in 2012

There is a big number when we talk about the readers in India. People of all age groups love to read books and reading is considered as the best hobby in India. They teach us and entertain us at the same time. Many novels are released but a few make a long-lasting impression. Some of the best-sellers in this year 2012 are named below with a short summary about each.

10] The Fountainhead:

The book is written by Avn Rand who reflects the story of Howard Roark. She spells about this man as an architect who struggles to fight the traditions of the world around and finds no way out of the political and philosophical elements. But he fights against the system and demonstrates a person who is ideal. There is one character named Peter Keating who is rival to Roark.

9] Myth=Mithya: a handbook of Hindu Mythology:

In this book, the author Devdutt Pattanaik, writes about Indian Mythology. He explains symbols and traditions of Hindus and stories behind the ritual beliefs along with their meanings. This book brings many surprises about Indian culture which includes facts about life and death, human soul, concept of having 330 million gods even when they believe in one Supreme God.

8] I Have a Dream:

From the author of bestsellers ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ and ‘Connect the dots’, Rashmi Bansal this is another book to inspire us and is based on Social Entrepreneurship. It has 20 stories each about an idealist who has entrepreneur-brain but different causes. Three portions of this book are Rainmakers – 11 entrepreneurs working in organization making money but they are forced by something more than money, Changemakers – change agents of society working on things from education to RTI activism and Spiritual Capitalists – preaching spirituality and common good.

7] Chanakya’s Chant:

This book written by Ashwin Sanghi reflects the basic account of Chanakya who was a superb king with great political tactics. This book has running in parallel, the story about Gangasagar Mishra who is the rebirth of Chanakya. This book provides its readers a parallel world tied together with the strong link of intelligence. One of the stories is about a young Brahmin boy in 340 BC who is determined after his father died and he overthrows his rule through Chandragupta Maurya. Another story is about modern India, where Gangasagar who was boring initially before he tries to transform a Kanpur girl into India’s Prime Minister.

6] Immortals of Meluha:

This book of Amish Tripathi is the first book of the Trilogy. This book takes us back to the 1900 B.C. where the Indus Valley Civilization was called the Land of Meluha. There Lord Ram created an almost perfect empire. The river Saraswati starts drying and the Suryavanshi rulers face problems. Also, there are Chandravanshis, the terrorists attacking them from the east and they form an alliance with the Nagas.

5] Revolution 2020:

This book by Chetan Bhagat became very popular among teens specially. This story includes childhood friends named Aarti, Gopal and Raghav in the town Varanasi. Both these guys love Aarti, both are intelligent and at the same both are her best friends. Gopal is poor, rushes Kota to overcome failure. On the other hand, Raghav is from well-to-do kind of family, joins IIT-BHU and wants to be a journalist. Aarti is rich, aims to become an air-hostess and starts loving Raghav. When Gopal becomes the director of a new college of engineering under a corrupted MLA of Varanasi, Mr. Shukla, Raghav goes for internship in Dainik newspaper. Raghav fights against corruption through various ideas and works hard while Gopal gets extremely corrupted and cheats to gain Aarti’s love. But in the end, his love makes him a good man and everything goes positive in the end.

4] The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer:

This book is written by Siddhartha Mukherjee and depicts history, effects, and potential cures of Cancer. The author himself is an award winning science writer, plus a doctor and a researcher. He studies cancer with perspectives of various different types of people: as a cellular biologist, as a historian as a passionate biographer. This results is a chronicle disease found more than 5000 years back with humans have lived and as well as from which humans perished. The book is about those who suffered and experienced toxic and draining regimes for survival. The book intends to increase knowledge of an individual by offering a glimpse of cancer treatments’ future.

3] Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

This book is written by Walter Isaacson. The book is a biography of Steve Jobs. The journey of his rollercoaster and legendary life, the way he bought revolution in technology and his creative mind, perfectionist nature which lead to drastic elevation in 6 major industries (PCs, Animation, Music, Tablet computing, Phone, Digital Publishing) are all described in an inspiring manner in this book. Retail Stores can be added to his list of developments as he used an innovative idea – growth in this century will come by connecting everything creative with technology. This idea is implemented by the company named ‘Apple’ and Jobs is the CEO of this brand name. These are together his masterminded uniqueness and innovations that made it the best company. his products reflects his life. The book is highly recommended.

2] Life is what you make it:

This book written by Preeti Shenoy is the top 2nd book of the year. What is your reaction if the path you chose is twisted by destiny? Would you back out, would you face the same or would you accept the twist in life happily? This novel has a story narrated in back 80s of the girl Ankita Sharma and she is a happening personality in her college and has qualities like smart, good looks and intelligent. She aims to get admission in a renowned Management school. Abut after 6 months, she is a patient at some mental hospital. The story is about the way she manages to get back to normal life. It is a highly inspiring novel, to face the destiny and fight it.

1] The Secret of Nagas:

This book is a complete package of surprise elements just the way its previous part was. This book of the Shiva Trilogy written by Amish Tripathi shows how Shiva became a god when he was just a man 4000 years back. Shiva is looking for answers about the motives of the race Nagas and this hunt takes him to a place where the serpent race resides. There he looks for the man who used his mastermind in the attack on Meluha. This journey also follows to the city in Meluha named Maika where they raise the new-borns.

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