Top 10 Best Universities of China

There are many reasons to study in china and peruse the education from the top most universities out here. The study is based on researches and one can acquire quality education coming to China. Exploring new things in daily life and blending with the culture makes you easier to live out in this beautiful place. It’s very affordable to study out here if we compare it with other foreign countries where cost of living is very high. The universities here in China provide the best opportunities to the students in every field and one can easily progress in academics. Education here is improving and progressing in every prospect and students studying in these universities have their knowledge diversified. Universities are ranked according to the infrastructure, quality education, reviews and job opportunities. One can explore the world in a new way coming to this place. The education provided here is recognized every where in the world. Scholarship programs are there for foreign student to lowdown the financial burden which has raised the student coming to China to 25, 0000.

So if you are planning to go for overseas studies this is the best place to come and here is the list of China’s top 10 universities. Grab the opportunity and take the best from China.


10.Nanjing University

Nanjing University is known university in China and offers many bachelors’ degree program and specialization’s in subject‘s such as arts, literature, humanity’s, foreign philosophy. There are many undergraduates programs which include other subject such as trade, journalism and many more.

9.Jilin University


Jilin University emphasis on the study of subjects, such as economics, bio-engineering and other technology fields. They offer both graduate and undergraduate programs.

8.Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in 1896. This university is famous for its programs in different subjects such as pharmacy, medicine science including animal medicine and many other. Its offers many graduates, associates and other bachelor’s degree program. Many engineering subjects are also offered to be taught in this university.

7.Xi’an Jiao tong University

Xi’an Jiao tong University is very well known university which offers both graduates and undergraduate program and one can study in the best way they can with many schools and colleges in this university. The subjects which are offered in this university are sociology, economics and many other subjects related to science and engineering.

6.Wuhan University

Wuhan University one of the famous universities of China, it offers many doctoral programs and many other under doctoral programs. Undergraduate programs includes subject such as law, philosophy, science,  environment science ,electrochemistry ,genetics and many more. It promotes fast and growing communication between the Wuhan and the western part of the world. Healthy ambiance and well built infrastructure attracts many students to come here.

 5. Tongji University

Tongji University is worldwide known university. This renowned institution was established in 1907 which offers programs at both graduate and undergraduate level such as medical, engineering, law, economics and many more. Many other diploma and doctoral degree programs and Chinese learning programs are also there one can easily peruse any subject in which they are interested. It has students of about 2400 just coming for overseas studies. It has an impressing campus life. Student are nurtured and given the best education, so coming to this university one can avail many opportunities and be the best in every filed.

4.Tsinghai University

Tsinghai University is well known university in China which was established in 1911, with the renowned 4000 faculty members. It offers programs for postgraduates, undergraduates, focusing to improve the global careers. It offers many doctoral programs including the subjects of teaching such as law, humanities, life science. Many other schools and departments of different subject have been established in this university. Many get graduates from the famous university but highest in China are from here only as the students coming are up to 28000.  It offers many undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs for students to pursue. It also offers students with both degree and non degree programs. The former includes the subjects such as civil engineering, industrial engineering, environment engineering, and microelectronics. It provides the students with the lavish facilities such as bookstores, restaurant are many other which makes the student easier to live.

3.Fudan University

Fudan University is also one of the famous university in China, it was established in 1905. This university offers students subject such journalism, medical science, law to choose. The university is very famous for the programs; these programs can be general or advanced. Coming to Fudan university one can peruse bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree. Many other subjects including departments of history, museum and tourism are there. Fudan University has a very beautiful infrastructure with well maintained campus. So Fudan invites you to come and take the advantage from the world renowned university.

2.Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is the organization known for the best education programs and is one of the leading universities of China. The university was established in 1897.It has staffs of about 8,222 which are indulging in many high level researches to provide students a better and a broader way to study. There are many courses offered in this university for graduates, undergraduates and the one who wants to peruse master’s degree. Subject in which you have keen interest you may choose May it be literature, history, economics, law, engineering and few more. The university is famous for various degree and other non degree programs. There are many scholarship programs which is aiming for the support of the students coming for overseas studies. It’s a central hub of learning; students from all over the world for about 2760 came as the last stat says. Zhejiang University hereby welcomes you to come and explore the inner talents in yourself.

1.Peking University

The top most and world renowned university in the China is the Peking University which was founded in 1898. It is a very reputed institution as it provides studies in different areas which include applied science, social science, mathematics and other software fields at its best. This institution is grown with the help and support of the faculty which made this a reputed one as it has staffs of about 5000 members which includes honored and privileged professors. The target of the university is to provide the best education and anyone can avail better opportunities and take the best from Peking University. The monitory researchers are made on many important subjects focusing the technological development. The education is not only the priority, other activities such as communication skills, interpersonal skills are raised in a disciplined manner. Many scholarships are also provided by this university supported with the best human resources program. This university has won many national prizes in different scientific fields. The life of the students in this university is interesting and they stand a position in when they are recruited.

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