Top 10 Benefits Of Studying English Literature

English is the most widely spoken language in the whole world after French. Every person belonging from any field is learning to speak it because of the wide demand. The countries whose national language is not English are also emphasizing on the need to learn the language. Therefore, here are some benefits of knowing and studying English.

10. Easy Communication

One’s communication will not be limited only to people who speak his/her language, rather the person can easily and candidly mix with different people, if they know English.

9. No Dependence while on a Trip to a Different Nation

Many tourists depend on their tour guides entirely and in the process ends up losing the basic enthusiasm of holidaying. Thus, knowing English will secure one’s freedom and he/she can enjoy the place and its cultures in their own terms without fearing to not communicate with the natives.

8. Bright Future as an Interpreter

By being an interpreter, one can travel the world with high profile people who don’t know English. The football teams are seen carrying interpreters with them or in beauty pageants interpreters are seen helping the contestants to communicate with the judges.

7. High Prospect in Journalism and Mass Communication

A good command over English will help one to excel widely in this field, meet new and famous people from all around the world and interview them which this job offers. People who are interested in reporting and writing for newspapers, magazines, etc will also have an extra edge if knows English.

6. An Extra Advantage for Sportspersons

If one is interested in sports, it is highly advantageous for them to know English. Sportspersons travel across the world to play and gather a lot of fans if they are good in the business, hence, to communicate with their fans and the public more easily and openly, it is definitely needed for them to know the language. Even though it’s not mandatory but over the years many top sports stars have learned English and became easier with the communication with the public, such as the greatest tennis player Rafael Nadal.

5. A Trusted friend in Academics

Since, English is the most common and widely spoken language in the world, many good books required for studies and sometimes research works are written in English. It is impossible to translate all the good books into all the available languages of the world, thus, knowing the language will help them to enjoy the book and most significantly learn from that book.

4. A must for Immigrants

Even if someone is visiting in Germany whose national language is German of course, he/she needs to know English. Broken or nicely spoken, every one person or other in every part of the world knows English, thus, to stay and survive in a foreign land, one need to know English.

English Literature

3. Understanding of Entertainment and Sports Industry

“Hollywood” being famous in all parts of the globe; English movies, TV shows and English songs are telecasted in various nations of the world. The lack of knowing English would obstruct one from enjoying those films, shows and music. Similarly, the commentary during live matches are in English and without knowing the language the commentary which often reveals many inside stories about the players and teams, will be missed.

2. The pathway to Great Job Opportunities

Not just Journalism, today each and every job requires knowing English, starting from the receptionist to the doctors, because it’s the common language of communication among the dwellers of the earth.

1. Compulsory for Education Abroad

A lot of students opt to study abroad but this will not be possible without knowing English, no matter which nation is it, because English is the common language connecting everyone.

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