10 Reasons why it’s Hard & Difficult to be a Teacher

Teaching is a demanding job, definitely not a job of sissies. Teaching is not like giving assignments or homework, let children complete their work quietly and then check them to let them know their mistakes, it is far more than that.  Teaching is all about imparting values, developing intellectual skills and conveying knowledge to the students to let them attain and retain such understanding of the world in which we all live. A teacher needs to learn teaching in a way that is impressive, interesting, and not repetitive and still in tandem with the new, modern world so that his students are able to challenge and influence the thinking of the modern world. If you want to be a teacher you must have a passion towards your craft, a zeal to convey it to your students in a way that they become the same passionate as you are. Here, we are listing top ten reasons which make teaching a difficult job:

1)       Patience:

The first reason can be that a teacher needs to be very patient when it comes to teaching. He must understand that the learning and grasping power of each student is different and hence the time taken by each student to learn a particular thing can be different. Though it is a exasperating, exhausting and frustrating at times, but the teacher needs to be patient enough to control his emotions and handle the situation.

2)      Boring:

Since a teacher has to teach same course or syllabus to each coming session year with the same technique, it becomes so tedious and boring that the teacher is not able to reteach with the same enthusiasm and simultaneously his teaching skills decreases in the process of repeating the similar concepts for numerous times. To reduce your boredom, just love your job, love your students, think to enlighten the world of your students with the power of new thoughts, be creative and interacting and when it happens it really feels rewarding. Enjoy the feel of being a “guru”.

3)      Generation gap:

Since there are always mentality issues with the persons of two different ages, this applies here too. A child thinks differently, and this makes teaching an even more challenging job as it seems to be. If you want to be a good teacher you have to think like a small child within you, let your imagination grow like a small child only then will you realise what your student needs, thinks and want to achieve from this ever growing world. The quote is well suited for this: “if you reach them, you can teach them.” Another way to reduce this generation gap can be: make them laugh, be a humorous person since laughter is the shortest distance between people of two different ages.

4)      Confidence, teaching skills:

if u want to be a teacher you must have two things: confidence to control your students, to teach them discipline and the second is you must have teaching skills. Teaching is a art, to express your words and feelings in a way that the one in front of you is not bored and at the same time is listening you with full zeal and trust. One way to achieve this is be a story teller. Students love to hear story and that too a good one.

5)      24*7 work:

This job is tedious too. The most important role of a teacher is to be over-prepared always and this makes the job as 24*7 job. Even since is you are fully knowledged and well informed about your subject, you must have enough knowledge about the general issues and areas you student may ask upon. A teacher, as the name specifies, is the box of knowledge. Therefore to match the levels of the word “teacher” you need to word hard.

6)      Different ways for different students:

children are like moulds of clay. They learn and think in the way, a teacher teaches them to. Like the clay takes the shape of the mould and then turns stronger, children think the way teacher encourages them to. Since each child has different weak and strong points, a teacher must learn how to encourage and enhance the qualities and give them the confidence to achieve their goal. Each person have different imagination and view point towards life, a teacher must understand each student thinking power and then teaches them accordingly.

7)      Salary:

Being an engineer or doctor pays you more, and this is the biggest reason why our youth doesn’t want to indulge in this profession. Everyone needs a handsome amount of salary as a reward of their hard work. And yet, teaching is considered a demanding and a challenging job, the salary offered to the professors and lecturers are much less than the other reputed professions of the society, which makes it a difficult job for even those persons who have a passion for this.

8)      Reputation:

Teaching is considered as a job option when the people are fired from offices or when they do not get a one. The admiration of being a guru has gone. The society takes it as an alternative. Everyone dreams to be an engineer, pilot, doctor but not a teacher. If this continues, then we will lose even the few gems we have.

9)      Last option as a profession:

since unemployment is basic problem of the growing country like India, it may be the reason that many opt this profession in the pressure of recession. Hence, it has become the last option for the contenders since it has less salary, reputation and everyone does not have the art to impress the minds of the young kids and influence them effectively.

10)  Student does not respect teachers:

In ancient times, the teacher was called as “guru”, the one who teaches the way to urge one’s inner self and their sublimation so that they can attain inner peace. But now, the definition of teacher has changed, or I can say the relationship between the two has changed. The “guru” word is now replaced with any of the abusing words or a comic character of whom students make fun of. The students of the present era have forgot to respect their elders or teachers and that is one of the most important reason why it is difficult to pursuit a job that has no respect.


So, it can be concluded that to be a teacher, a person must be a concerned and curious being to know the things in a better way and let his students think in that way too. so it is advisable for a teacher to enjoy their work, be creative and resourceful, allow students to actively involve in the learning process and soon you will realise that your job is more boring, frustrating or tedious when your students start loving you for the same. Also, a teacher must understand that respect is always earned and can never be demanded.


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