Top 10 Ways to Wake Someone Up

Indian mythology speaks of a story of a demon named Kumbhakarna who was believed to be in possession of his slumber. He slept for six long months or they had to use large trumpets, drums and what not to arouse him. And when he woke up, he ate everything in his vicinity including humans and animals. Inspired by the tale, the one who snoozes a lot is amusingly called a Kumbhakarna.
Now, some might ask what the heck is your problem with a silently-sleeping-away-from-world person. Well, this is to add humor in a grumpy morning and make it eventful. Waking someone up from slumber can be a gratifying experience indeed. But remember, you won’t forever be awake. So, if you are getting bored and the snores of the Kumbhakarna aren’t really amusing; here are the funniest ways to disturb the sleeping beauty and burst into the peals of laughter.

10) If you are a good runner:


This idea comes with the 100% guarantee. Conditions applied, you must have experienced a barking dog running behind to grab your ass. All you have to do is bring a bucketful of cold water and thrust it on the monster and get ready to run like hell. The Tom and Jerry gag is going to make you burst in laughter. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’; you buddy will be unable to sleep on the bed for hours. The only disadvantage is that no one is going to help you clean up the mess you created.

9) Ring ‘MANY’ bells:


Noise is the best weapon to put a full stop to your mate’s journey to dreamland. Well, noise is something that can penetrate through the pillows because that’s the first thing your target is going to do; to cover his ears. First, you need to get all the pillows aside from the bed and bring a number of alarm clocks and set the alarms on the interval of 5 minutes. It’s really hilarious to watch the ‘target’ goaded. You can try putting alarm clocks at a distance from the bed.

8) Paint It RED:


The requirements to serve the purpose are toothpaste, water colors, shoe polish and anything that can add up a radiance to your artwork. As you, shrewd people, have already guessed, you are to arouse the nasty painter in you. Dark mascara, joker nose, devil teeth, blood red lipstick and you design a perfect poker face. You should apply tooth-paste in the end when you are done with the makeup process otherwise the burning sensation will wake the target up in between. Remember to catch a photo/video of your knack so that even if the
idea fails, you will have a thing to blackmail your target.

7) It’s Your Phone:


The only yearning of every mother, “may your cell-phone burn to ashes.” Everyone today is a phone-aholic. So many secrets hidden in a tiny machine. So if you know the Chambers of Secrecy in your target’s phone, you have a full-proof weapon to make him stand up on his feet or even in your feet.

6) Where You Go, We Follow:

Where_You_Go, We_Follow

This must have reminded you of the pug in Vodafone ad which, ironically, was professed to be a ‘female’ pug in a Bollywood movie. But the ‘we’ here refers to marbles. (Hell, marbles have proved to be very useful. For children, for heroes of Indian movies trying to escape and now for loud snoring partner.) All you need is to put some cold marbles in the bed of your target and then cover it with the bed sheet. As the target rolls on the bed, the cold marbles move with him, jabbing in his body; where you go, we follow. Irritated, he finally has to wake up.

5) Sometimes the words are enough:


Sometimes the words are enough, a lot of words though. Keep talking to the sleeping diva incessantly. When it comes to irritating someone, we are at our best. There is a video of a kid who calls his mother ad infinitum; and when she finally reverts back, he wishes her ‘hi’ and runs away. Steal the idea; keep talking nonsense to the victim and when he at last wakes up, run away. Yes, every mischief of yours to wake up your friend leads to running away because the revenge counts next. He then will be googling ‘How to get even’.

4) Live Mariachi Band:


Waking someone up is an mystical dramatic art. Earlier, you aroused the fanatic painter in you; now this is to stir up the singing maestro in you. Your snoring mate must have been fantasizing to attend a music concert lately. So make his dream come true and be the superstar of the moment. That will be even more wonderful if you don’t know how to play with the drumsticks. And when he wakes up, remember to throw the sticks away or you are going to become his target. At least, he will not bother you to accompany him to the next musical jig.

 3) Throwing random objects:

Throwing_random_objects (2)

This is the most obvious and most efficient idea. There is an Indian proverb which can literally be translated as “Ghosts of legs are not afraid of talks”, funny it is. To wake up the sleeping ghost, first try to lecture him the benefits of waking up early; failed, definitely. Next, shake him hard; failed again?? Now throw random objects on him or his favorite objects viz. favorite perfume, clothes, comb, glares etc. on floor. Other way is to toss slices of carrots, radish and onions on him. When he lastly wakes up, surprise him, “Salad is ready.‼”

2) Temper the sense organs:


So finally the crap we studied in science is somewhere useful. Still to remind you, there are five sense organs namely eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. Cutting the crap, there are so many things you can do for example; make your target smell dirty socks, make light fall onto his eyes suddenly, touch something really hot to his skin, scream loud in his ears, make his favorite dish, tickle him in his feet, put his finger in hot tea, switch off the fan, pluck his nose, pulling his blanket etc.

1) Fool a fool:


These are nothing but the creepiest April Fool Days’ tricks. Study reveals that sleeping people are much sensitive to feeling of fear. You can hire an actor to play a priest who says a vigil over the sleeping victim. Act unbelievably surprised when he wakes up. Or make the victim’s boss actually call him up earlier than he should be up, “where the hell are you??” or  bring a plastic lizard or any insect toy, tie it with a string, throw it on his bed and scream on top of his head. The next moment, your victim will be on his feet.

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