Top 10 Cool Ways to Avoid Salesman

It won’t be exaggerating to say , that , if a leech were to be born as a human it will be called a ” salesman  !!!!”  think about it ; how many times has it happened that you are out with your family trying to have a great family time when you are stopped by a salesman trying to offer you some deal.  i am not talking about those poor people on the street selling stuff to earn some bread ..!!! this latest breed of salesman is highly educated , trained , skilled in every way that can help them to hook up a customer !!! they sell everything from insurance policies to car and education loans.  from dress to toys and machinery and even make you sign petitions..!! a real bother right???? here are the cool 10 ways to avoid a salesman !!!

10.  “Tell them you not interested “

well not a so cool method but it works in more than 60% of the cases…!!! tell your salesman that you are not interested in what ever he may be offering..!!! this is of importance when there are telemarketers.  every now and then you are bothered with phone calls,  quirky voices telling you to purchase something or the other ..!!! with a stern voice tell them you are not interested..!!! put yourself on the DND list from your operator..!!! even with salesman out in public this simple statement “i am not interested” works pretty well just play with your expressions a little..!!!

9.  ” Avoid and keep walking “


Omg.. you just saw a salesman and he seems to be noticing you….  crap !!! oh my friend don’t panic..!! he saw you and he is coming towards you…let him be!!! he is doing his work you please continue with your work..!! keep heading for your destination..!!! you were going somewhere keep walking don’t stop for the unwelcome guy..!!! just walk past him as if you didn’t even see him there..!!! most of the times this works really well except for those cases where the salesman follows you behind pitching what he has to offer..!!! cross the road and move to the other side of the lane..this will surely get rid of him..!!!

8. ” You already have a better one “

you have been irritated to the core , you have had some bad experiences in the past with the salesmen.. not any more.. you are ready now to take them on..!! This is another way of avoiding a salesman.. let t him speak.. well … for sometime only.!! he will start giving you the aim of his product , its plus point and usp’s…now is your chance to do the talking..!! start interrupting him by simply adding numbers to the stats he has given.. if he says the policy gives 8% returns tell him oh brother your existing policy gives 10% returns..!!! if he says the starting amount is only this tell him you took your policy for free… in short tell him thrice you have a better plan or stuff already and walk away… no need to look back.. he will not follow you !!!

7. ” No salesman” sticker on the door.”

how many times has it happened that you sat down with your remote control to watch your favorite movie and there was a knock on the door and guess who.. its a salesman!!! many a times they disturb your afternoon nap..!!! well this technique is practically a very useful way when it comes to door to door salesman…!! the house salesman are a little lenient than the outdoor salesmen because they come to a private property..!!! stick on your door a clear message that salesmen are not entertained..!! if you stay in an apartment then tell your watchman not to let sales people in…even if they reach your door the sticker will do the work…!!! unless your salesman is an illiterate ..rare case!!!

6.  “Accuse them of cheating”

this is quite interesting and leaves your salesman in the worst possible situation..!!! the biggest disadvantage they have is that they are out in public..!! take advantage of this..!!! let the guy do his work.. let him tell you the name of the company the aim of his offer and bla bla…!!! the moment he is done with this part..simply yap at him… ” what did you say the name of the company was???” pretend you have heard it quite recently and then the trick snap at him that a person from the same company cheated your aunt , brother , friend or whatever!!! keep your voice a little loud its important for them to have an image in public..!! if the guy is still persistent start asking for refund of what your relative paid… you will see the salesman avoiding you..!!!

5.  ” Astrology .

no i am not an orthodox nor do i believe in horoscopes… but anything that keeps the salesman away i am ready to try it..!!! look tensed and worried…!!! when the salesman tells you this is worth an investment give him a bizarre look and tell him your horoscope says its a bad day for investments!!! your guru has told you to be careful for the next few days… !! if he gives you justifications on how and why you should not be orthodox give him an angry look warning him not to speak anything against your guru…maintain that look and walk away.. your bad day horoscope has just made it a good day..!!!

4. ” Pretend to be on a call “

one of the most effective techniques to avoid a sales guy… the moment he approaches you go for your phone!!! pretend you have got a call and immediately start talking on your phone…!!! or act as if you just got a reminder that you have to make an important call.!!! either ways just grab your phone and start talking…this doesn’t leave any room for the sales guy to talk… !!! have a good conversation and simply walkaway from the pain in your sight..!!! try it out .. its got a great success rate..!!!

3 . ” Use your headphones “

yeah.. your i pods and i phones etc can be handy not only to kill boredom but also to get rid of the enemy in life the salesman…!!! you saw a sales person, he is coming to you.. you could not walk past him and you stuck,,..!!! no certainly not.. you have a phone remember..!!! take your headphones.. put them in the ears and enjoy the music..!!! with your head phones on the person gets no scope to speak..!!! don’t make an eye contact with him… humming the song you love just walk from there and enjoy your freedom… praise the mobile inventors if you want ..!!

2. “I am getting late “


this is certainly one of the best ways to tackle your problem… and so number 2 on the list… pretend you getting late..!!! the sales guy is all set to trick you , get his work done !!! well we don’t have time for that..!!!! the moment he approaches you make a nasty face… when he starts talking look restless and quickly glance at your watch and say ” shit!!!”  this is enough to make him stop talking..!!! look at your watch again and just add  i don’t have time” and hurry away in a swift way..!! trust me he will never follow you back..!!!

1. ” Look angry”

this is indeed the best way because it forces the salesman to avoid you..!!! the basic aim any sales person has i to make the customer shell out money..!!! an angry person is never a good customer..!!! he will not listen and will never even think about paying you anything..!!! with that angry look you don’t remain a potential customer for the sales guy and he will simply never approach you.!!!! isn’t it just what we need.. well then staying angry is not so bad .. isn’t it???


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