Top 10 Most Important Swimming Pool Rules, Specially for Kids

Swimming is a sport which is very recreational in itself. Whenever you and your family are worn and torn of your daily monotonous routine, just packing your bags and go to a swimming pool seems to the best rejuvenating activity. Swimming refreshes each body cell and you are again full of youth and vigor. But there are some rules which you and your siblings should stick to while going to swimming pools. Here we present top 10 most important Swimming Pool rules, especially for Kids:

10. Wear Goggles

Eyes are a precious gift of God. It is because of eyes that we enjoy living in this materialistic world. Eyes are so delicate that any particulate like dust can cause temporary or even permanent damage to eyes. Most of the public pools use high dosage of chlorine to purify and sanitize the water. This chlorinated water causes stinging in the eyes when it comes into direct contact.  Goggles are such manufactured that they tightly seal around the eyes and protect a plumb interaction of chlorinated water and sophisticated eyes. Thus it is advised to kids to wear goggles while in pools.


9.  Pool Water is not to Drink

Chlorine in pool water is present in the form of calcium or sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine is added to pool water to prevent growth of algae along the walls of the pool and at the surface. The chemicals so formed are also known as ‘antimicrobial pesticides’.  Unlike water from the faucet, pool water does not maintain a safe chlorine level viable for drinking purposes. So in any case pool water must not be gulped or drank whether unintentionally or not. It is so because pool water is opened to air and other people in the pool to further react and form high concentration of metal hypochlorite. So the chlorine level needs to increase. This is done to keep pool water healthy for swimming but not for drinking.


8. Holding breath is not a stunt

A human body rigorously needs O2 and CO2 to survive. The balance of O2 and CO2 in blood stream decides the pace of breathing. When people try to hold breath in water they need to take a deep or few short breaths before doing that. This is called hyperventilating. This process causes imbalance of O2 and CO2 in our blood stream, consequently, fooling our brain that it does not need to take another breath. This further sets a chain of reactions. As our body consumes all of the oxygen available in our body quickly, we pass out and thus drown. So kids, beware: holding breath in pool water is not just a mere stunt. It can be cause of your doom.


7. No flipping in the Pool

Swimming in the pool relaxes you and rejuvenate every muscle of your body. But in the rat race of showing off to your friends, don’t ever try flips in the shallow pool. Most kids have a habit to display whatever they have learnt in recent past. And while coming to a swimming pool, flips are one thing that every kid tries to imitate what they see on television in Olympics or some kind of water sport; flips being the most common of them. Flipping into a shallow pool can be reason of physical injuries. While flipping, your head can strike to the ground in water and cause serious damages. Kids need to note that flips are real danger in small pools.


6. Don’t play Marco Polo

Swimming pool lovers are well aware of the game Marco Polo. It is a game where one person is named ‘it’ who needs to identify other players in the pool with his eyes shut. ‘It’ shouts Marco and others shout Polo. ‘It’ needs to identify the direction from where the voice is coming and catches the person. Now this person becomes ‘it’. Playing this game is real fun but playing it in a small swimming pool is dangerous. Small children while playing moves to deeper ends of pool and can possibly drown. Kids must take care of this and should not play it in constricted pools.


5. No Pranks with Siblings

Never push your friend or your sibling into the swimming pool. It is the worst prank one could do which eventually harms the sufferer. If a child is pushed into the water, he/she loses control over body and their imbalanced body may directly hit to the ground in the pool which could lead to serious mental and physical trauma. And also dunking or dipping forcibly someone’s head in the water suffocates them. As a result, person may go short of breath and pass leading to nausea. This for-fun prank may become a reason of someone’s injury or even worse.


4. Do not pretend to drown


Everyone is trite with the famous story of ‘wolf wolf! Help me!’ and not to mention the consequence how the boy died. Ergo, it is sufficed to say that pretending to drown is never appreciated and very dangerous. It can even be fatal. Children often do such pranks in order to draw attention of everyone towards them. Kids must be taught about the deadly fate of doing such an act. A person who saves you when you pretend to die would not save you when you are actually drowning; thinking that also as attention seeking act.


3. Fighting in Pool is a bad idea

Parents always teach their children not to fight anywhere. Fighting is never the solution to a problem. One can imagine with ease that how fighting in a pool would sort out any matter. Many kids are so immature that they even fight for just a nominal issue. But they are not aware of the results. The fight may lead to toll and wounds to others as well as oneself. Therefore, it is advised to the kids that fighting in swimming pool or anywhere may just cause a chaos and result in excessive physical strain and trauma.


2.  No diving into deep

Kids must also learn that without a proper training they should not practice diving into a swimming pool. There are many postures of diving. Children are certainly not known of the techniques to be used to dive in water. What we see on televisions seems to be easy but diving is not a n easy task particularly for kids. Wrong diving techniques can even prove to be fatal. When a child dive, his/her weight is not sufficient enough to maintain the proper posture and thus may hit his/her head onto the ground in swimming pools.


1. Never run around Pool

The area just around the swimming pool is quite watery and slippery. Playing and running around the pool thus is a bad idea of having fun. While merry-go-rounding the pool, your foot may slip due to water and algae grown in surrounding and you may just fall into the pool. If you are not a good swimmer than chances of your drowning increases exponentially. And even if you are a swimmer, the sudden slip may leave you in a state of shock and you must not be able to save yourself.


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