Top 10 Most Gruesome Deaths in Video Games

We all know that death is a part of life and it is going to come upon everyone at some point. However, video game deaths seem to define the quality of the respective games. It is almost as if gamer feels inner satisfaction by making the death of the enemy as gory as possible, whether it is by stabbing them multiple times at different areas of the body or using a chainsaw to decapitate their head. If the death is shown in slow motion, that just multiplies the fun.

Below is a list of the most gruesome video game deaths, that have ever been seen in video game history.

10. Dead Island – Every Weapon

There might be a few bugs in this video game, which was released less than two years ago. There are many creative ways of sending those brain-hungry zombies back to hell. Try tossing a propane cylinder at the center of a large crowd, chuck a hammer and blow up the horde scattering the body parts of all those zombies in the bloodbath.

9. Resident Evil 4 – Chainsaw

If you have played this game, you would be lying if you say that this one did not take you by surprise. You were just wandering in a Spanish village when you heard the deafening sound of a chainsaw. You got the gut feeling that it would be bad, but you never thought that a single swipe would cut Leon’s head off in a fountain of blood.

Top 10 Deaths in Games Resident Evil

8. Tomb Raider – Head Shishkabob

When you are talking about gory deaths, Lara Croft would not come to mind that easily. But the new Tomb Raider is an entirely different story. There are quite a few cruel deaths in that one. If Croft slides down the wrong way, she gets her head impaled. It happens so fast, there is not enough time to register what happened.

7. Dead Space – Head Replacer

What could be worse than having someone else take control your body? Those mean aliens in Dead Space do not mess around when it comes to this. Instead of developing some super hi tech machine to help them do this, they rip off your head and shove their tentacles down your spinal column.

6. Mad World – Death of RinRin

There is no shortage in this game of bloodbaths and gruesome deaths. But there is one that stands out. RinRin is catapulted into a gigantic mechanical man in samurai armor and chops her to tiny bits.

5. God of War 3 – Death of Helios

Kratos pummels Helios’s body to a pulp, and pull his head from his still-living body. Not too many deaths that can top this one.

4. Manhunt 2 – Every Execution

You know all these deaths are strings of zeros and ones, but looking at the executions in Manhunt 2, you can’t help but mutter “that’s gotta hurt”.

Top 10 Gruesome Deaths in Video Games

3. Mortal Kombat – Kung Lao’s Fatality

Kung Lao transforms his hat into a table saw and takes his time in cutting his opponent in half and swings each half to the side.

2. Gears of War – Chainsaw

This is the second chainsaw entry on this list, so there has got to be something about this weapon that turns the user into a psychopathic maniac. If you get in Fenix’s way you would be reduced to body parts resting on the floor.

1. Dead Space 2 – Botched Eye Exam

It is not the actual piercing of the eye that gets to you, but the expectation of it. Seeing someone having a foot long needle slowly jabbing through the eye has got to hurt.

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