Top 10 Indoor Games For Kids

Indoor games like carom, table tennis and chess etc are important for developing the skills of a child. But sometime, we can create indoor games that can be helpful for developing the skills of a child. This can create a lot of fun and helping kids to show their creativity. It makes the strong relationship among children and parent’s. this is because today parent’s are busy in their working schedules they got less time to spend with their kids. so it is important that whenever they got some time they should play some games with their kids to make them feel happy.

Let’s explore some interesting indoor games

10. Greeting Cards Making

Every child like sketching and coloring, this can be a favorite time pass game of children. Give them some colorful paper and some colors. Let them make greetings for their parents or grandparents. By cutting pictures from magazines or newspapers. Give them theme like birthday, Christmas or any festival. And tell them to write few lines about their parents or grandparent, they will feel happy after getting this card. This will help to improve the creativity of children and their artistic skills.

9. Recycle-Save Environment

This is very important to tell our children the importance of our environment. So give them some task which can be done by using rough material. Like making cards, making pen stands, wall hangings or something they like the most etc . Their broken toys, waste clothes and rough papers can be helpful for this task. And tell them to write few line on how to save environment.

8. Hit The Striker

This is one of the most played indoor games. I think every one had played this game once in a life. Carom is easily available in the market. Hope every one knows how to play this game. All you need to do is just collect all the carom men in the center and hit them with the striker one by one and try to put them into the whole on the opposite side. Each man has some points. This game has some rules which makes it more interesting. Minimum two players can play this game.

7. Picture Guess

This game is more interested than it sounds. Make a pair of children. Let them sit in opposit order doing back to each other. Suggest a picture like car, ice-cream etc. to one of them and allow him to give hint to the other and help him to draw the image , where give chalk to the other and tell him to draw a picture on board according to the hints given by his team member. This will help them to build mutual understanding and to improve their drawing skills.

6. Move On Beats

Children love to dance. Whenever you switch on the music they just start shaking their bodies without any permission. So you can mold this into a party game. You can play different beats and ask every one to shake on beats. Change the beat with time. And who will not capture the correct beat and not dance according to beat. Take him out of the game.

5. Role Playing

This is very interesting game that can be played at home. Children like to watch cartoons and try act like them. Just suggest give them a cartoon character and ask them to do mimicry. This will be very funny. And i am sure they will also enjoy this.

4. Table Top Games

After carom, children like to play ludo, chess  etc. involve them to play chess, this will helpful in sharpening their brains. Now this game plays at international level. Even it can be a career for you children if he found interest in it. Also give them newspaper or magazine to search difficult word and find their meaning from dictionary.

3. Bingo With Family Photo

This game is very helpful for the small kids to understand and knowing their family member and relatives. Just take some pictures of your family members and scatter them on the table or floor whatever suitable. And give some playing cards to the kid. Now say the ‘mom’ or ‘grand-mom’ then allow kid to guess and hide their picture with the cards given to them. This will help your kids to increase their perceptions, their knowledge about family and more important to develop their mind.

2. Party with Musical Chair

After drawing or coloring kids love to dance. Musical chair is now become party game for the children. That can be played on birthday Party’s. Arrange the chairs in a row. Change the face of chair after every alternative. Now play the music and allow the children to start dancing and roaming in a chain around the chairs. Stop the music without knowing the. Children will sit on the chairs just near to them. Child who will not get the chair will out of the game. You can give gift to one who won the game. This is not only plays by children even youngsters found interest to play this.

1. Treasure Hunt

As children love to searching and hiding the things. Their memory is better sharp than elders. This game is very simple but interesting.  All you need to do is just ask them to collect the things in 10 minutes. For example,  you can even ask them to collect three shirts of red color, or collect the coins etc. This will gonna be very interesting for kids. Mostly kids like to roaming here and there whole day. So, this game will gonna be more joyful for these kids.


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