Top 10 Fun Android Racing Games November-December 2012

Android software have offered great variety of apps which include entertainment part also as it includes different types of games from puzzled, arcade games till racing game. Racing games have distinct features which invite audience to play the game whether it is bike speedy challenge or dirt racing cars. Amazing graphics, popup visuals and individual features of cars make this category of games special entertaining package which keep on adding one after another new techniques and cars thus increasing racing games category. Teenagers interest keep on increasing as these exciting games are not only entertaining but challenging also as boys never put themselves back in the case of racing whether it is in real life or part of the game.

10. Riptide GP

This is the first water racing game by creator unit in which audience will have their ride through Jet ski which look like realistic water rides entertaining and exciting. This game is based on water physics thus one have to apply various tactics and skills to cross rivers, canals and various other twisted tracks which become hurdles in the way and challenge the gamer to cross and reach next level. Enhanced and advanced effects of waves, thundering sounds and water splashing on the screen led game to be best

9. Need for speed? Shift

This game offers some of the exclusive fastest running cars and that  also branded ones which excite audience to play game at first sight only. First look of the game and amazing graphical pictures of the cars categorize this game to be on this level and highest racing speed performance. This game has 20 cars experiencing 18 different tracks with 3 different modes in international locations and customized settings. These qualities of the game led to be given award which gives true driving experience combined with unique tracks.

8. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Adrenaline fueled cars developed by EA brought some of the exclusive 20 cars fueled experiencing hardbound actions and more terrific challenges this game to be one of the tough game to play.  While playing racer can reach to the level of having 48 cop and career events displaying some of the huge cars and their features which motivate audience to play further.

7. Mini Motor Racing

This isometric most vibrant arcade type game is developed by Binary Mill which give options to the gamer to play in single mode as well as multiplayer. In the Android platform this game is considered to be one of the favourite and super charged racing game in which audience can play through WiFi. Game is totally 3D including cars and tracks with advanced engines and physics environment and cars run over 20 different tracks day and night challenged through varied weather conditions on the other hand cars are charged by gaining points through fruits.

6. Rage Truck

In this game truck become war machine which crush cars and bad guys on the other gamer driving this huge truck one become awesome truck driver by driving on hilly and sloping areas which require control over the vehicle. By doing stunts and attacking on a bad guys with techniques this game become one kind of war game which includes no weapons but only huge trucks which are crashing cars and guys who come on the way thus this game is also known as monster truck  mission.

5. Hill Climb Racing

This game introduces you to one of the uphill famous racer Newton Bill who will not take rest until he will reach highest point  on the hills thus this is the entertaining physics based driving game. Gamer have to cross 6 climbing challenges with 3 up gradable cars as one can collect coins and tricks through the path as we keep on travelling. This is fun loving game with advanced cute graphics and low resolution speed and sound of the game.

4. Road Warrior

Realistic multiplayer game in which players compete with each other for cars as these cars are super power combat game. Multiple cars from sedans till massive trucks and  crossing tracks which involve path in between paths and give options to the gamer to select particular path and beat  the opponent. Immense advanced graphics and speedy and fastest sounds of the cars declare this game to be favorite among cars racing.

3. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

This game is the best for the bike lovers which is created beta testers and drag racing forum .net specifically made for these softwares where they can experiment more techniques and they are approved. This game give chance to the bike lovers to play with 17 sport bikes and experience these bikes ride with HD graphics effects and more advanced techniques to make this game more popular bike racing game. 4 different online modes on varied tracks challenge players to play the game with their thousands of opponents.

2. Asphalt 6

This is one of the intense arcade game of Asphalt series which doesn’t make you free for a second while playing as game provides peak performance on any tracks. Gamer get the chance to play the game with 42 cars and bikes driving through complicated tracks in 11 different leagues and 55 events. Gamer can play individual game as well as give option for multi player driving up to 6 racers with excellent HD Graphics.

1. Reckless Racing 2

This is one of the addictive car racing game which give chance to the gamer to compete players in the game itself and give online competitors also and won game all over the world. Gamer plays with realistic 40 cars according to his/her choice one can change the cars from Integra till Veyron SS  and self contol the game arranging own its speed and crossing various challenges or paths

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