Top 10 Dystopian Video Games

Futuristic dystopia is a very common setting in the more graphically advanced video games. Just about every other video game that is released these days is set in dystopia. In case you did not know, dystopia is the opposite of utopia. If utopia is a place where there is peace and everything is in order, dystopia is where there is war and disease and chaos is all over the place.

Below is a list of the video games who did the best jobs in utilizing the dystopia idea in video games.

10. Final Fantasy VI – Balance/Ruin

One of the most riveting stories ever, Final Fantasy VI sees a regime similar to the Nazis taking control of the empire. The powers of magic and technology are beautifully fused together in this thrilling video game.

9. Syndicate – Unnamed Corporate Nightmare

In this old school game with primitive graphics, you are given the responsibility for actually creating the dystopia, instead of ending it like in other games. By getting corporate cutthroats under your control, you colonize more territory and upgrade your weapons.

8. Jak 3 – Wasteland

In this sequel to Jak 2, after you save the world, Jak and Daxter in this game are condemned to a place so bad, it is named The Wasteland. We don’t know how The Wasteland reached its current state, but the scenery makes for some great racing.

7. Final Fantasy VII – Midgar

The sequel to the above mentioned Final Fantasy VI, this game features a futuristic world where humanity is threatened by a mega-corporation which has plans to destroy the world and find the “Promised Land” where there is unlimited power.

6. Mirror’s Edge – Unnamed Metropolis

When you first hear the word “Dystopia”, you immediately think of war, terror and ruthless gang members eager to spill blood. This is not the case in this game. The unnamed city of Mirror’s Edge is actually quite a decently-functioning society which is however only a mirage. The city is under constant suppression and surveillance.

5. Deux Ex – Futuristic Cyberpunk Earth

Dystopia is not always about the leader of a single multi-trillion dollar corporation and his ruthless ideas to seize control of the place. In this game, the main character is sent to a world where the antagonists lead to a secret that can shake the foundations of humanity itself.

 Top 10 Dystopian Games Deus Ex

4. Beyond Good & Evil – Hillys

If you see a government in a video game, whether it is dystopia or not, they are an evil force committed to destroying their people and while earning more and more money in the process. Players of this game are given the responsibility to hatch the plans of one such government.

3. Fallout 3 – Capital Wasteland

The perfect setting of a dystopian video game is probably around 200 years in the future from now a few weeks after a global nuclear war has reduced the world’s population to 10%. Add a few mutants and this is the setting of the start of this game.

 Top 10 Dystopian Video Games Fallout 3

2. BioShock – Rapture

Very few games have been able to present a dystopian future as thrillingly as BioShock. In the failed underwater utopia of Rapture, war, disease and chaos is what it is all about.

1. Half-Life 2 – City 17

Gordon Freeman welcomes visitors to City 17 as they enter its boundaries. However, it is far from an inviting place. You would not want to live in a place where the entire civilization is watched over by an alien.

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