Top 10 Board Games You Can Play

Board game is one of the best games to play if you are not allowed to play any contact sports due to injuries or any health conditions. Board games are not that boring at all, in fact it helps families build their relationship as every players spend quality time together. So what are the top 10 board games you can play? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Board Games You Can Play


Scrabble is widely considered as a word game yet it still falls under the category of board games. It can be played by maximum of 4 players and simply plays it by putting tiles onto the game board which has corresponding points for each letter placed on the board. This is one of the widely used board game in the world and was publicized in the year 1938.


Monopoly is another board game that was originated in America by the famous Parker Brothers. This game was named “Monopoly” for the fact that it was based on the concept of economic monopoly. This is fun and requires player to use their brains unlike other games that are not that highly intellectual.


If you are into strategy, then you can make use of the game “checkers”. This type of board game comes in varying names, it is called the English Draughts for British English while Checkers, American Checkers or Straight Checkers for Both American and Canadian English. This game is typically played by 2 players, each should have their moves alternately and the only way to capture the opponent is to jump over them. The colors used are usually red, black, and white.


Chess is one of the most popular board games on Earth. Anyone seems to understand the logic behind this game and even kids know how to play this kind of game. In fact, some schools have their own chess team and compete with other schools too. This is a 2 player game that uses strategy and techniques. It is consists of the king, queen, bishops, pawns, rooks and knights.


This board game is one of a kind, it is a murder mystery game where players need to move strategically while representing mansion rooms and collects clues for the victim Dr. Black. It can be played by maximum of 6 players.

Chinese checkers

Similar to chess, this game is also about strategy that can be played by maximum of 6 players either individually or with partners. Players will have to race and be the first to form and fill the hexagram shaped home of the opponent.

Snake and Ladders

A very enjoying board game usually played by little kids. This game can be played by multiple players and uses dices to move ahead of the game making sure players will not fall on a number with a snake bite.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivia pursuit is another enjoyable game where players will have to answer trivia’s using their general knowledge. The questions are mostly based on popular cultures.


Another strategic game where players need to create their own tactic and requires a deep sense of observation. This game has been around even in the late 1880’s. The main objective of this board game is to acquire as many pieces of chips as possible which must be the same color as yours.


Similar to a computer game, risk is just like playing Age of Empires. This game is another strategic game which requires the use of observation and knowledge on how to win against the enemies. The objective here is to take over as much territories as you can through the use of dice.

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