Top 10 Best Treasure Hunting Games

Now a day’s children love to play computer games or we can say that they are addicted to play computer games and among them too they enjoy treasure hunt games much and not even children adults too play these games. Here  we have different adventurous, interesting and amusing games have took different places in top ten lists  of best games.

So here’s a list of top ten best treasure hunting games.


Among all treasuring hunting games one thing is common of finding rare gems, jewels, gold, and artifacts but this is one game where you got something different, something in which in spite of looking for jewels and gems we are going to find the rare plants and animals. So guys don’t you think that this sounds really interesting and exciting, right?


With the name only this game sounds a little interesting with lots of curiosity about playing this game. And this curiosity was not at all wrong this game can be awarded with this b,coz of its great bits, its creates a lot of misleading  themes bt its recommendable to say that this game is very much easy to explain to anyone whether he/she is kid or a adult. This game requires a little fast playing and along with compels us to take  many hard decisions which actually adds up to a very enjoyable and adventurous gaming experience.


The game ISLA DORADA doesn’t sounds so whole n happening one, since we majority Indians are even unable to understand the meaning of the name of the game but that really doesn’t make the game uninteresting. This game is very new to the list but has gained many users attention too early. This game being a “new-comer” in the best top ten lists has taken eight positions and became popular too because of fine artsy and uniqueness. It also looks very beautiful because of its effective bright colors.


This is seventh best game of the list which is said as a best party game by many users. This game is not much about exploration but this provides more screw-age. It really doesn’t show the “true” fantasy but still its lovable and awesome list of dwarves have made this game to come on seventh position of top best games. It’s a fine game at least with elements of deduction.


Goldland is a very adventurous and enjoyable game. As its is suggested by the mane itself this game is mainly about the gold and its adventurous. At the start this game may appears to you very much similar to the lost valley  but its actually not  another part of lost valley, it gives a very different experience with different picture quality and it delivers a very different experiences which  attracts the users to play this game again and again.



This game again is a very attention seeker game, which is something about finding gold. But this game is not similar to the gold land; it’s a different game which is mainly based on your luck, so for winning this you really need to have a strong luck. It is a n excellent press-your-luck game where you risk a lot and try to get deeper into the temple. Its start and end are both very interesting with beautiful, and especially its entrance includes the original design of diamante.


This game again is a very adventurous and exciting game. It really deserves the fourth place in top ten lists of best games. This game is having a gold mine in which while going deeper and deeper in the game we have to take many decisions which are bit time consuming ones and hard too. This game is not readily and easily available but it’s very much worth tracking down. A great mesh of mechanics and its beautiful theme makes this game a bit more attractive. This game is one of favorite games of many users because they really have to try hard to get through this game.


As suggested by the name itself this game is mainly about a temple, very old and prestigious temples which contains a lots and lots of rare gems and jewels and invaluable antiques. It might be possible that at first this game really won’t garbs your attention much as gradually you are going to play this game you are going to get so lost in this game that you will even die to play its next version. And this game is too very precious because this is one of games which is based on the Indian Jones-style theme, which is actually very interesting in itself. Its really loved by teenagers especially it’s a party game so when the group of friends  are together then this really puts four moons on you guys’ meet. This game contains some Egyptian hunts which is actually a very curious mysteries in itself so it’s actually very amusing to play those games about which we really don’t know anything and got to know slowly slowly about very mystery of the game. As by again and again playing  the same game makes it less interesting similarly this game is makes it attention seeker since its all about new adventure, new touch, new design and new world.


Tikal is again about a very about a adventurous temple. Tikal game contains a very beautiful combination of otherwise tried-true mechanics in the temple. This game is about investing new things in the adventurous world. These days teen really likes a game about investigations like investigations are shown in famous cartoons “tin-tin” and investigations done by the world famous detective James bond oo7. It’s a fabulous game and its next part is very much different from its predecessor and this part ii was very much in demand too. One would have got not much problem in selling the version 2 of this Tikal because the first version was very unique in itself. It’s a fine game with totally different origin and different mechanics and different tricks. This game is not at all similar to any existing games this game has bought a totally different approach.


This game Tobago is inspired by a very famous novel approaching to treasure hunt. Tobago is a very unique game with very unique manner of searching for and discovering treasure makes this game quite refreshing and a very fun making spot. This game has attracted many users because of its style and quality. In this we have to figure out how and what cards can be played in which we can find treasure, it sometimes makes a little tiresome but this mainly motivates the user to get through this game by hook or by crook .allot of users have loved this game and rated this as the best game they have played and that’s why this game has took the first place in top ten lists of best games.


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