Top 10 Best Toys for Kids 2012

The only way to come closer to your kids are love, care, affection and the most important giving them new toys.Toys play a major role in developing infants. Toys make them happier. We will try to help you to find the best age appropriate and developmental toys and games for children and provide you toys list and recommendations for parents. Parents should take care of many things while buying toys for kids. There are lots educational toys as well as mind developing toys available in market. Every child is curious about new toys and want to discover new things, but keep in mind that if kid is too young then avoid toy with sharp edges. It will be more effective if a toy is with music , lightening effects. I think this lit will let you know about top ten toys for kids.

10. Remote controlled helicopter


If you want to gift a toy to a boy of about 9 to 12 years old then remote controlled helicopter is a good option. It is real fun to fly a RC helicopter , it is not very much complicated to fly a helicopter. Very easy to maintain and not very much expensive. But if you want to buy a expensive one then there are lots of features in it. If you unable to find it in your near stores then don’t worry at all because online shopping there for you go and order it.

9.  Electric Motorbike 

Let your kid to have fun with this electric motorbike. If your kid is about 9 to 13 years old then a electric motorbike will be his best for him. These bike don’t need any gas, petrol, diesel , they contain a rechargeable batteries in it and approximately with the speed of 10 miles/hour. It is quite pollution free bike. This is a latest in exciting  way to play. Parents should keep some points in their mind when their kid is riding a electric motorbike that are:

Keep him away from traffic area.

Use helmet, knee pad for protection.

Use this in flat surfaces.

8.  Dolls house

Doll’s house is the best toy for girls. They usually love dolls so if want to buy a doll’s house for a girl kid then you are on right path. Every girl dream her own doll house, this is very special gift for a girl. I am sure that you will feel happy after watching your girl playing with it, girls usually bath the baby doll and take care of it. Doll house play time will last for years as the new family act out your own daughters life.

7. Electric guitar

Your rock star will love this toy. This is very interesting toy as it required no musical background. It will teach basic guitar lessons. It is made up of plastic with flashing lights on it. It is recommend for the kids of 10 to 15 years old. Mainly available in your near toy store. Allow your kid show his talent and act like a rock star.

6. Night viewer binoculars

These night viewer binoculars is also a good toy for a kid. Because so many animals are active at night, he/she might enjoy seeing their behaviors through their own night viewer binoculars. It is helpful in personal home security too. This device offers outstanding viewing clarity in the darkest conditions. Its price vary from one to another depending upon its feature.

5. Hot wheels cars

If your kid is very much interested in cars collection then go for hot wheels. Stunning designs making them more attractive. They are designed to run on a plastic track, which could be placed to make interesting jumps and loops. Motive power was by means of gravity, by attaching the starting point of a course to a table or it may be a chair. Most of the boys are crazy for them.

4. Barbie doll

Girls all time favorite doll is one and only barbie doll because she want someone to listen her, to play with her. Girls just love it, when i was kid i always took my barbie doll with me where ever i go. To this day, i have my barbie collection with me hihihih !! that is the reason i am recommending barbie doll as a gift for a girl.

3. 3D play mat

When you put down your sweetheart from your hands for rest, then put him/her on the play mat. This play mat is very easy to assemble. This is unique toy for a newborn baby. This help in better muscle co-ordination of baby and stimulate baby’s senses.

2. Play station 3

play station is also very cool gift to give a boy. This is very interesting if a boy is very much found of video games then there is no match of play station as a gift for him. These are having lots of features in it. This is very slim and reliable.

1. Uno spin game

Uno spin game is a game that can make a kid busy for whole day. This game is made for a kid who is 7 year old or above. While playing a Uno spin game one should be there to spin it and it is really popular family card game. It is very easy game to understand and challenging too.

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