Top 10 Best Texas Hold’em Poker Hands

We all know that the royal flush is the best possible 5-card hand that one can win through. But that combination takes 7 cards into account. You might have wondered what 2-card set that players are first dealt are the likeliest to win the hand.

Below is a list of the top ten strongest 2-card sets that put the player in excellent shape to win the hand.

10. Ace – Ten

This hand is pretty good because there are a few combinations that you can make you a winner. First of all, you might experience a miracle if Jack, Queen and King are uncovered on the table. But you have to be careful when unsuited because it would be foolish to rely on a pair of Aces especially if there are a large number of players.

9. King – Jack

This is quite a comfortable hand to play though it will most probably be beaten by the hands listed below. The probability of winning with a suited King-Jack will net you 19% of the hands. You should however fold to big raises if you do not see Ten, Queen and Ace on the table.

8. Ace – Jack

This is one of the better hands that people should feel safe to not fold in the first round of betting. Suited is always better than unsuited, which is somewhat playable. Just don’t get too carried away because this is by no means a slam dunk hand.

7. King – Queen

This is a great combination that should be able to win quite a few hands. King and Queen is only afraid of an Ace falling on the table.

6. Ace – Queen

This is second to the best drawing hand (in which the cards are not of the same value) and if you get it suited, you should win 20% of hands with it.

5. Jack – Jack

This combination, nicknamed “Hooks” or “Fish Hooks” puts players in a somewhat comfortable positions. If, however, you see an Ace on the table seriously consider folding. With fish hooks, 20% of hands should be yours.

4. Ace – King

This is the strongest of the drawing hands but you still need the flop to work in your favor to stand a chance of winning. The suited combination of Ace and King is only slightly better than unsuited because the probability of getting Royal Flush is extremely low.

3. Queen – Queen

Nicknamed “ladies”, this is a very good hand to be dealt first up. Kings and Aces will certainly beat you but you are well ahead of pairs of Jacks and below.

Top 10 Best Texas Hold’em Poker Hands Queen Queen

2. King – King

Also called “cowboys”, the King-King combination is very strong and will more often than not, net you a good amount of money. Only Aces can top this hand.

1. Ace – Ace

This is the best poker hand one can wish to be dealt. Also sometimes called “Pocket Rockets”, “American Airlines”, and “Bullets”, the double-Ace combination will win you more hands than any other possible combination, even if it is not entirely unbeatable.

Top 10 Texas Hold’em Poker Hand Pocket Rockets 1

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