Top 10 Best PS3 Car Racing Games 2012

If you love swooshing through the roads and racing at top speeds, you must surely love PS3 racing games. Fortunately, there are so many racing games to choose from and so many that are regularly being added that you can have a new game to indulge in so very frequently. What makes these games special is their high definition pictures and amazing clarity. Read on below for some of the best PS3 racing games.


10. Shift 2 Unleashed


Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, Shift 2 Unleashed actually unleashes all your pent up energy with its tremendously exciting terrains. This game is the successor of Need for Speed: Shift and has been very successful. The game comes with multiplayer features which add more excitement to the game.

9. Joe Danger

Joe Danger was launched for PlayStation in 2010. It is definitely one of the most unique games available right now. The game is very different from the other racing games because there is no muscle, no dirt and no hardcore racing. The cartoon character of the game, Joe Danger who is a stuntman, offers variety and fun. Joe Danger has some of the best customization options.

8. Race Driver One

Race Driver One takes you on the ultimate thrill ride. You get to travel courses and tours, the likes of which you have never experienced before. In the genre of arcade style of racing, Race Driver One ranks pretty high. It is a must try for every racing game lover.

7. MotorStorm Apocalypse

MotorStorm Apocalypse is more than a car racing game. It is a brutal and all muscle game. In terms of excitement offered, the game ranks among the top. You get to race on superbikes, muscle cars, choppers, supercars and hot hatches. MotorStorm is one of the newer games, released in 2011. The features of gameplay are very enticing. The unique feature about this racing game is that it follows a storyline kind of format, which makes the game very interesting.

6. Forza Motorsport 4

The good thing about Forza Motorsport 4 is its high picture clarity which gives you the feel of actually driving a racing car. New features such as Autovista have been included in the fourth version. Autovista has added a lot of worth to the game and the game has been awarded 9 points out of 10 by experts and gamers. With the Autovista feature, it is possible to see the car very closely and drink in the minute details as well. It gives a very real world experience.

5. Mod Nation Racers

Mod Nations Racer has breached all benchmarks of racing games and settled on the top in terms of design and programming. For a lover of racing games, Mod Nations can be very satisfactory. The smoothness of the game is its ultimate selling point. The karting is so smooth that you feel like you’re cutting through soft butter. Another feature which is great in this racing game is the online sharing options. The third feature in favor of the game is the excellent customization features. Together, these features make gaming a great experience.

4. Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise does not disappoint its players. With every feature which players dig for in a racing game, this game definitely deserves a place among the best five PlayStation games of all times. There is so much more you can do in the game besides racing. If you want to know the thrill that the game offers, you have to play it. Just beware of Burnout Paradise Addiction Syndrome.

3. DiRT 3

Dirt 3 is also a very close contender for the top spot. The latest version of the game comes with a huge range of stylish racing cars, awesome graphics and numerous maps spread over three continents. One of maps includes snow terrains and is as beautiful as it is exciting. The latest version also comes with certain alterations in the way cars are managed and handled and these changes have definitely added a lot of thrill to the game. Dirt 3 is more challenging than ever.

2. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is the best racing simulator you will find in the present market. You have an enormous choice in cars, a thousand cars to be precise. You can also choose from numerous courses, tracks and arcades. The game definitely gives the thrill of racing. But other than the rush of adrenaline, the game offers much more in terms of realistic adventure on the racing track.

1. Formula One

If you dig heart stopping speeds and an adrenaline pump like none other, you must play Formula one. Developed by Codemasters, this racing game can be played best on the PlayStation. The amazing clarity of the game, the gut wrenching excitement and tremendous amount of fun are all there in Formula One. If you are racer at heart and fantasize about racing on F1 tracks around the world, Formula One of PS3 can be the closest that you get to your fantasy. This is undoubtedly the king of racing games.

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