Top 10 Best iPhone Multiplayer Games 2012

These days the online games are so much in. People today have a huge craze for these games. These online games are quite easy to play and can connect any number of people residing in any area of the world. Also the games are features with a numerous functions and unique skills which make them more interesting to play. So here we have the list of top 10 iPhone multiplayer games.

10. Wurdle

The game, Wurdle is not just simple but also provides many functions. The game concatenates many words together with the use of a finger. The game does each of its function in a different style. The game is also not very complex and because of its combat size it is also very easy to carry. Apart from all these things the game offers great flexibility when the point comes to features. The applications in the game have an amazing, shuffle sensitivity and sounds. Also it provides flexibility in dictionary, word length and time limit. All these things can be adjusted easily. The game has a unique working too. The words in the game are arranges when the phone is shaken. The game is not much expensive and can be easily afforded.

9. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is the name of a video game. Lima sky exposed the game, Doodle Jump especially for the devices like iOs, Android, Windows Phone and also for Blackberry. The game is about completing the given task to reach a particular place while facing all the difficulties provided in the way. In this game you are competing with other players in order to reach the destination. The game encompasses a creature which has four legs and is named as Doodler. The task of the game is the guide this four legged creature. There are many other objects in the game like monsters, rockets, jackets etc. This game has also been an inspiration for another game named as PapiJump which was discovered by SunFlat. Recently Doodle Jump has nine platforms.

8. Sonic & Sega All- Star Racing

Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing is a multiplayer online game which can accommodate more than one player at atime and is a racing game. The game is included in Sega Superstar series. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing is the game which especially designed for Playstation 3, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and also Nintendo DS. The features are derived from different Sega franchises. Sumo Digital is the one which has discovered the game. The game encompasses characters which race crazily on the tracks which are inspired by Sega. Additionally it has many weapons with special skills. The game gained a lot of popularity and its sequel is getting ready for further

7. Real Racing 2

This is also an online racing game in which more than one player can participate at a time. The game was featured for iOs by Firemint. The real racing game includes around 30 models of cars for racing. The models are licensed and are the manufactures of Chevrolet and BMW. Later the game was also released for iPhone and iPads. Since the game became popular so the sequel of the game was also produced later.  At a time the real racing game encompasses 16 players. There are many stages in this game and by completing all the stages the players reach to the finale.

6. Deadlock

Deadlock is the theory on which the game is based upon and according to it in deadlocks the action beneficial for both the competitors. It gives an amazing experience of well equipped weapons to its players. The game inspires the opponents to make a strategy while playing so as to dominate. Players make use of a virtual joystick so as to hunt their opponents. This virtual joystick helps them both in movement as well as firing.

5. Archetype

The game, Archetype is innovated by Munkyfun LLC and is a First-person shooters game. The game is specifically for iPhone and iPod. The game showcases the future which comprises many aliens. This is also multiplayer game in which more than one people can play at a time. This game is not compatible for iOs. Additionally the game has wonderful features which greatly control the game and so it can manage along with the list of ten players at a time.

4. Star legends

The Star Legends is also an online game with many unique features. The Star Legends is all about handling the hunt along with other players. The game encompasses many feature like real time MMORPG, also the game is designed in such a way that it produces 3D effects. The players enjoy a lot while playing these games as the weapons and the skills are in amazing Sci-Fi. The game can be played with anyone around the world and also provides continuous updates of the regarding content. This game is an application in iOs. The game also doesn’t have any subscription cost it is free to play.

3.Zen Wars

Zen war is also a war game which can be played by two or three people at a time. The game was on the concept of survival. It has three stages which the players were required to complete. At all the three stages the game has different variety of weapons and the players were required to kill their opponents by using the weapons provided at every stage. Also the game is provided with puzzles which help the player out in building a wall in order to protect themselves. This is an online game which is also provided with a chat box. The chat box available in the game facilitates the two players playing together but residing at different locations

2.Street Fighter IV Volt

Street fighter IV volt game is the part of fighting series which is very popular and is named as Capocm. This is also an online game. The game encompasses a battlefield and is a two player game so only two people can participate in this game at a time. The game works well in iOs version. Also this game facilitates two players at different places to play a single.

1.Super Stickman Golf 

This game, Super Stickman Golf is the puzzle game in which four people can together play at a time. The game is based on the concepts of physics. The game can be accessed online and since four people can play it so it is a multiplayer game. All the players are indulged in a race as they were required to finish the given target of strokes. The game is all about getting a perfect stroke at a minimum spam of time. The shot of the player should be perfect and also it should be quick enough so as to reach the target. The game has a large variety of features which provides flexibility.



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