Top 10 Best and Greatest Footballers of All Time

Football. Also known as Soccer. It is played widely all over the world.Football is as famous as are the footballers. Football players are known and loved all over the world.Played by a few but thousands of spectators hooting and encouraging the players prove their craziness for the game. Not only in the grounds but millions of people show their love for football as they remain glued to their television sets while the match goes on. Even the girls, who may or may not interested in the game  go ga-ga over the handsome football players. For many growing boys their idol figure is one of the footballers.

Football is a sport of kicking  the ball into the opposition nets.History shows us that it is the most popular game and today also it stays as the most popular game.Rather its popularity is increased day by day by visualizing its expansion in Asian countries and also other parts of the world.With vastness of the game it includes large number of players and vast number of players it has been very difficult to select the players and sort them in terms of ranking.It is astonishing to see that there have been more players in football than U.N. Now i would like to generate the list of the best 10 footballers of all time:

10.Raul Gonzalez :

He was the star striker of the club Real Madrid and also played for the Spain.He was callled the ‘Angel of Madrid’.Along with the 3 times champion of the UEFA Champions League he was also the second all time leading goal scorer in the UEFA Champions League.He scored 64 goals in that league.He was also selected as the caption of the Real Madrid in 2003.He was great player, good human being and a respectable leader.

9.Michael Platini:

He was the star midfielder of the French National team.France become European Champion in 1984 and he was the part of that team and played a crucial role in the winnig of his team.IN this championship he was voted the best player of the tournament and the top goal scorer.He was described as one of the  best passers in football history.He was also regarded as the specialist free kickers.

8.Carlos Alberto Torres:

He was the one of the best defender in 1970’s of Brazil.He lead his team succesfully to the victory of 1970 Fifa World Cup.He has been included in the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame.His goal against the Italy in the final of the 1970 World Cup is regarded as one of the greatest goal in the tournament history.



A brilliant forward, Ronaldo became one of international soccer’s great stars of the 1990s and Brazil’s biggest soccer hero since Pele.He has played for various clubs like Cruzeiro, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan.He built some of the amazing records.H e was part of the World Cup winning Brazil team in 1998 and 2002.


6.Gerd Müller:

He was short and not fit for conventional form of football.But to his short height he was very fast and was very lethal over short distances.He could turn quickly with full balance.He also had talent of scoring in unlikely conditions.He had an international record of 66 goals in 74 European Club games.


5.Johann Cruyff:

He was the formal Dutch player and manager.He was known for his ability,speed, acceleration and perfect vision to recoganize the player at perfect position.He was named European Footballer of the Year three times. In 1999, Cruyff was voted European Player of the Century.


4.Franz Beckenbauer:

He belonged to the German team.He invented the modern attacking sweeper position.He is the only man to both captain and manage World Cup-winning teams (1974 and 1990).He spent most of his carrier in Bayern Munich and lead his team to three European Cup championships and four national titles.He is named as the greatest German footballer of all time.


  3.Diego Maradona:

Maradona is an icon in Argentina.He became hero to many sports fans.Along with the perfect player, he also became the manager of Argentina team.But his carier came to an early end due to plagued by cocaine addiction.He took his team to new heights.


He was star for the Brazil.He was called the ‘Black Pearl’.He was seen as the greatest player of the football history.He was the most popular athlete and was named as the Athlete of the Century.He has the highest number of goals.He also became the sports minister of Brazil in 1995.

1.Zinedine Zidane:

He is a former French football midfielder.He was a great sportsman and an extremely passionate and good leader.His achievments include winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000, 2002 UEFA Champions League. He was also name as the FIFA Player of the Year for three times.He also won the Golden Ball in World Cups of of 1998 and 2006.


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