Top 10 Best Games to Improve Memory

Our brain controls all actions of our body whether it’s about walking, talking or expressing. For proper functioning of our brain or to sharp our brain we must do some activities like playing some memory games. These games put our mind to the test and see how quick and how strong our mind is. These games test our ability to recall objects, shapes or colors. These games make our mind more capable and intelligent.

Following is a list of Top 10 Best Games to Improve Memory:

10) Binga 2

Binga 2 is a sequel to ‘Binga’. Binga 2 will puzzle you with matching puzzles and numbers. There will be many cool puzzle levels and you have to clear each of them to enter to the next one. Every level is different with different levels of difficulties and calculations or word match puzzles.

9) Supermarket memory

The game is full combination of memory and intelligence. The screen will be full of pictures. All you have to do is to use your mouse, turn the pictures around, and memorize that picture to find it’s identical one in the remaining pictures. Find the identical pictures; flip the matched picture over to clear the lines. You can go to the next level after you cleared the whole board. With the increase in level the difficulty increases and it will be difficult for you to find the pictures anymore.

8) Inca box

Inca box will test your ability to remember things. A box will be displayed in front of your eyes and you have to memorize what are the things it consists of. Later on, a same kind of box will be displayed in front of you with new things added on the list you memorized earlier. You just have to identify the things you saw before in the box and the new things that are added later in the box.

7) Neurolight

It is a smooth and small game to increase your memory power and to sharp your memory. A series of objects which can be numbers are displayed on the screen. You need to learn the order in which the objects are placed in the series. After that a jumbled series will be there in front of you. You have to recall the order of the objects and place them in the correct order to score well. You can play the game in 8 different locations and can challenge your friends and have fun.

6) ‘Blind’ Jigsaw Puzzles

Another game which will boost your memory is ‘blind’ jigsaw puzzles. Here, the word ‘blind’ means that you don’t have to look back at the picture. You can have a look of the picture only once when you start the game. Then you have to memorize the picture or image so that you can solve the puzzle. The puzzle will contain mix pieces of the picture which you have seen earlier. Now, try to put the pieces together to complete the picture. It will enhance your memory power.

5) Mooble

It’s among one of the difficult games. The computer has made a code for you to solve and break the code. You will be provided only 10 minutes to break one code. The code will be a 4-marble code with 6 probable colors. The combination of colors can be in any order. You can break the code in 10 attempts or less. Your score will depend on your each attempt and for the correct position of each correct color a little white mark will be visible. For each incorrect position of the color a small black mark will be there. You can change the marble colors and can submit your score. This game takes a lot of concentration and presence of mind.

4) Sudoku

Sudoku is a logical number-placement puzzle. A partially completed grid is provided. You have to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 to 9. You have to fill the numbers in the blanks such as each column and row and also 3×3 sub-grids must contain digits from 1 to 9. Three levels are provided easy, medium and difficult. For a beginner, easy level is preferable.

3) Calculate genius

If you are good in math then you can definitely win this game. This game only includes some mathematical calculations. There is no need to use pen or calculator or notepad for this game. Enter the answers using your number pad. You just need to be brilliant in math at your level. Be attentive and be quick to answer correct. You can challenge your friends to beat your highest score.

2) Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes help you to improve your recalling power. You can play this game alone or in groups. Each and every player has to submit their list of questions with their answers. The questions can be about anything like movies, history, etc. after that the quiz master will ask you questions in turns and you have to answer them.

You will rely on your recalling power when you play with new set of trivia questions. The game will challenge your knowledge and experience to know the answers. You have to recall the memory of your last played game when you play the game in weeks later or in few days. Thus the game improves your skills. You can purchase the game and trivia quiz books also.

1) Pexeso: Matching Pairs

It’s one of the best mind games available. We have to match pair of same cards or tiles from a huge group and each group is buried. You can play the game using half pack of standard playing cards. Remove 2 suits, now you are left with 2 aces, 2 kings, and 2 queens and so on. Make sure that the 24 cards must contain 12 matched pairs. Now, lay out the 24 cards with one face down. Randomly move the cards so that you can’t say anything about the exact locations of the respective cards. Turn cards one by one and take a look at the card and turn it down again. Repeat the process until you find the same card that you turned earlier. The game goes on until all the pairs are matched. Your performance will definitely improve each time you play the game.


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