Top 10 Best Free Android Games in 2013

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is perhaps the most successful mobile gaming franchise in the world, for both Android and iOS operating systems. The basic concept is simple: you have to launch birds from a catapult to destroy your targets (green pigs). The game has numerous mechanics that make this game highly addictive. Simplicity at its best.

Top 10 Free Android Games in 2013

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

Mixing two incredible franchises – Star Wars and Angry Birds could only result in a great game. This free game lets users make use of Star Wars weaponry to take down Star Wars-themed pigs, thus providing a nice twist on a much-loved title.

3. Abduction

Platform jumping games have been a staple in gaming since the very early days. This cute and well designed game lets you control jumping cows and parachuting penguins over increasingly difficult environments. Abduction isn’t the most complex game but provides a good few hours of fun.

4. Air control

There are many air traffic control titles out there, many of which charge you for the privilege of running your own airport. Air control is a wonderfully simple game that requires that you draw in flight paths for incoming planes. As the game goes on, you’ll be faced with the difficult task of landing an increasing number of aircraft.

5. Cordy

This glossy looking platformer is a great little game considering it’s free. Using an electrical cable to swing, jump and run while collecting energy to make it through the 12 levels, it’s well worth a download.

6. Words with friends

Getting a game of scrabble on the go with friends can be difficult. But thanks to Words with Friends, you can pick up and play whenever you’ve got the time. With the ability to play against random opponent, you can always satisfy hunger for a game of scrabble.

7. Meccabingo online

Mecca Bingo have developed a great app that allows you get a game of bingo in without having to be in the hall. Be sure to have a look at more android games at .

8. Pew Pew

If you’re familiar the highly popular Xbox title Geometry Wars, you’ll no doubt love Pew Pew. With a number of different game modes, this game has a good shelf life and is ideal for a casual play.

9. Colosseum Heroes

This side scrolling fighter is a simple slasher game but thanks to numerous weapons and lush animation, this is a great looking game that’s fun to play.

10. Dead on arrival

Finding a good 3D game for free is difficult to say the least. Dead on Arrival is probably one of the most fun titles. You’re faced with the task of surviving in a hospital wing infested with zombies, using a wide array of weapons to take down zombies in increasingly gory ways.

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