Top 10 Best Android Puzzle Games

Puzzled Game is one of the most common and popular games among kids and teenagers as it is available in various versions and levels which can be played by anyone. Puzzled game is considered to be first choice for the beginners as it is simple and easy games to start with rather manually also  people prefers to give this game to the small ones. Now, A android market and other games creators have offered vast variety of games to the audience and that also a blend of modern and graphic techniques which attract more audience. Here are some best puzzle games.

10.  100 Gates

As the name suggests in this game player has to open various doors using various devices with the possibility that opening of one door may lead to next door or may not thus this is mind blogging and time consuming game where one has to think carefully for opening the door. This game is realistically made and considered challenging and popular with amazing graphics as one remains busy with the game. Game offers hints to proceed further as the puzzle become tough as the level proceeds.

9.  Shift

This is the addicted spy game with pulsating music with controlled mechanics in which one has to master to keep a control over their body as some of the tricks such as flipping can change one body colour and gravity. Beginning levels are quite easy and simple but as the game moves further its necessary to master the game to survive and end depends on gamer only. Its graphics and customized sound tracks capture audience attendance to play the game of different 50 levels.

8. Cryptica

This game is of ancient history and its various mysterious stories as this game is a classic puzzler which gives you crypts from temple and one has to arrange those crypts and save the temple. To solve these relics gamer has to cross 4 levels with 4 ancient relics and 24 coins to move further. This is the complex and mindful fun loving game on the other its various versions have open choice to complete the levels and save temples. While solving the relics on the way gamer on one hand might get difficulties and might be fun adventure.

7.  Apparatus

This is the creative game of making machines and taking work from them thus this game want creators which tests their creativity on the other hand it is the fun exciting brainy game which focuses on one thing and increases concentration. One can make various mechanical structures such as vehicles, motors, swings, space rocket, planes etc. This game is simple as well as  complex also depending on the structure and one creativity as the structure has to do the goal in this nobody wins or losses as it is individual game.

6.  Puzzle Quest

Being a part of complicated puzzle this game requires strategy to play which is the sequel of old puzzle quest and combines match three items with role playing. This is interesting game which give a chance to the gamer to select own character which assists townsfolk to defeat fantasy creatures on towers and caves. This game is considered to be tough one as it is a mission in dangerous caves and massive towers.

5. Triple Town

This is somewhat trouble sum and patience game as it involves building of the town or one have to match trees, houses and churches but bears make this tricky as again and again they destroy it. No doubt this game is challenging on the other hand t is cute and fun loving also on the other hand it is social and match 3 game with beautiful background and cute graphics picturization. Huge stout structures and cute bears bring more colorful and bright game.

4.  Cut The Rope

Android software has this one classic, exciting and complex game which have total 150 levels with different elements and backgrounds. This game give new players a chance to play starting levels and slowly and slowly reach complicated ones and have courage to cross these levels also. This new version just add to some elements but its main purpose to serve little monster is still the same rather game offers some of the new techniques such as elements like suction cups, rockets, robo arms etc. to feed them and win the game.

3.  Bejewelled 2

This is the new version of popular match three gems game Bejewelled developed by Pop Cap Games and published by Electronic Arts which have opened this game with new modes. These modes are Classic mode in which gamer get the points by matching gems of same type, Action mode is challenging mode in which timer is set to complete the level thus players have to complete level in a fixed period of time and the last mode is endless mode as the name says it is the unending game mode. This game is all about matching right color of gems and makes the group and earns points and keep on playing as per ones choice.

2. Amazing Alex

After the success of Angry Birds the creator and production of this game have made another addicted and physics based puzzle game which will keep one glued to the screens. Game cutest carton naughty and mischievous boy Rovio and its appealing graphics have given great success in a short time. In this innovative game player get the chance to interact with objects and get the best and easy way to reach the final destination. Beginners may feel easy and simple levels in the beginning but as one keep on crossing complexities arises and become tough but exciting also.

1. Where’s My Water

This game have very cool and soothing effect thus anyone who want to relax and make fun can play this puzzle game besides this the blend of classic and modern look appeal audience and attract them to play. Creator of the game has made cute Disney character Swampy, the Alligator who fights with his gators who stop the water from entering thus gamers have to clear the path for water flow. This is one of the popular water physics game in which creator have given various tactics to guide water such as swipe, slosh and splash with different scenarios and themes.

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