Top 10 Best Android Card Games 2012

Cards are old times entertainment medium which is favorite of majority of people manually as well as through video games. Android apps have given another new option of fun and entertainment by introducing some of the best common playing card game such as Solitaire. Cards games are of different types having different way to play on the other hand having variant modes. From simple to complex these games are played by people of all ages as these games demand different requirements some require tactics and strategy some are slow and simple. One of the most common card game is the Solitaire which is available in various versions and played by everyone easily.

10. Hearts Game

This is the interesting and somewhat complex trick type card game which have 18 levels and every level requires skill to perform better and cross. This game give options to the gamer to play with 15 CPU hearts players on the  other hand various hints and options such as Jack of Diamonds rule and card passing options make this game easy for the gamer on the other hand variant levels make this tricky also. These options and hints with 5 different backgrounds give chance to player to become expert from beginner in a short span of time. This game with smooth interface is different from others as in this one should have less points till the end to win and to continue the game again one players stats will be recorded.

9. Texas Holdem

People having interest in Poker and have been playing in real life and other platforms, Android platform offer this classic poker game which is best to be played on this software only which will create interest to play further and one will feel happy while playing. This game offers a lot to the player with marvelous graphics and backgrounds which gives the real look feel of the casino and play in the luxurious casino. Benefit  of the game having easy to use interface add on benefit of navigating anywhere thus one can use their facebook account and side by side play the game also.

8. Spades

Spades is one of the unlimited fun game thus android offered this entertaining app which can kill one free time. This is the trump card in which number 2 is the lowest card and aces are highly ranked with face cards. This game gives open choice to the gamer to select their opponents as well as partners FROM 18 characters of different skills on the other hand it is considered to be classic 4 player contract game. It is a smooth, classy and fast game with sharp graphics and CPU stats in this game gives motivation to the player to play further or giving confidence. This game is considered best to be played when one is free and want to relax a great game from AI Factory Unlimited.

7. UNO

Gameloft has brought this classic family game which is world famous thus fans get the chance to play in a mobile version. This is the colorful game in which cards are matched based on color and number matching thus its colorful elements and both sides characters become more pleasing to the eyes of gamer to play further. Exclusive feature of intuitive UI allows one to drag and drop cards and before start of the game one is given option to choose avatar and color combination during multiplayer mode. On the other hand game can be customized through various rules.

 6. Free Cell Solitaire

This Android attractive and famous card game is from Softick which give easy and simple touchscreen options to the gamer. This is top one android game which is rated highest in clarity and quality of playing the game available in 25 customized options. Players have open options to choose their own sets of cards and backgrounds and enjoy game with controllable acts.

 5. Spider


Spider is one of the famous single player game which includes three stages that are game with one suit, next level with two suits and last four suits. This game is simple who are playing regularly on the other hand tricky for beginners thus one should play this game applying mind properly with logic. Spider  stunning visual effects and its movements and sound effects give smooth experience to the gamer.

 4. Spit

  Spit is mostly referred as fastest card game which is the two player game involving logical thinking and main aim is to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible. This game is all about gamer alertness and fastness so that its opponent should not finish cards before him/ her. This game features two modes one normal and other arcade with 5 speed levels. Gamer can apply trick by starting first and finishing game quicker and sooner.

 3. Cribbage Pro


Single as well as multiplayer game accompanied with contests, prizes and bonuses considered this game to be ranked on this level. This simple and intuitive game offers gamer to choose 50 plus avatars whether custom or manual crossing three difficult levels. No doubt this game has various prizes on the other hand its not easy to cross all the levels and win. Advanced leaderboard and detailed stats motivate players to play further and increase points.

 2.Pyramid Solitaire

 Specially designed game for this android software which give 25 customization options and an open choice to do settings of their own choice thus from cards till background whether portrait or landscape. In this game player has to match all their cards in such a way that they complete the sum of 13 keeping this thing in mind players can apply creativity and prepare own pyramids. Sound effects, graphics and  more features make this game great and famous.

1.  Ultimate all fours

This game features some of the different rules and qualities which ranked on this level. Its unique feature of sending signs to the computer rather to give further instructions about what to play thus help the gamer to play properly. It is a single player game with vast number of modes and multiple qualities. All Four rules distinguish this game so that anyone can learn the rules and play with excellent animations and sound effects.



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