Top 10 all time Best Tennis Players World List

Tennis is a game that can be either played between two players or two teams consisting of two players. This game is an Olympic game and can be played by all the groups of the society. Since the Open Era has started in the year 1968 the number of good atheletes has increase and have produced rivalries among them.

Although it is very hard to pick who among all the tennis player is the best as it is impossible to choose one player. But still if the list has to be made and the choice has to be done this is the perfect list of the top 10 tennis players in the world.


10. Mats Wilander –

Mats Wilander is a tennis player from Sweden,. He has won Grand Slam titles 7 times. Though he never becomes the winner of the single title in the Wimbledon Championship he has won one Grand Slam title in doubles in Wimbledon Championship. He has won the Australian open 2 times. After Rafel Nadal he is the only men to become the winner of the Grand Slam titles on all the three fields. He has also been the winner of 8 Championship Series titles. he has also known to be the winner of 33 single titles as well as seven double titles in his career. he was known in the tennis world when he first won the French Open Junior title.

9. Andre Agassi –

Andre Agassi is a retired American tennis player born on 29 April in the year 1970. He is the best service returner in the tennis history. In single tennis he has won the Grand Slam title for 8 times and is among the 4 tennis player who completed Career Golden Slam. His biggest rival in those days was Pete Sampras. He is known to be the only tennis player who has won Career Golden Slam and ATP Tour World Championship.


8. Jimmy Connors –

He is a United States tennis player born on September 2, 1952. He is known to have won the highest number of tournaments i.e. 109. In the year 1961 he played his first U.S. championship in the age group of 11 and under. He is the only person who has won U.S open singles championship on clay, grass and hard courts. He is a left hand player. He had a bad temperament and said bad words to rivals, coaches and even the crowd. He has won the Grand Slam titles for 8 times. he has remained the runner ups seven times in the Grand Slam singles.


7. Ivan Lendl –

Ivan Lendl was born in Czechoslovakia and turned into a united state citizen in the year 1992. He was on the top of the list of best tennis player for 270 weeks till august 1990. He has remained one of the best and dominant players in the tennis court during the year 1980. He played a very powerful game full of strength and managed to win Grand Slam titles for 8 times. He is also the winner of 22 championship series titles. In the year 2012 he coached Andy Murray. He reached the Wimbledon final twice but he was never able to win any match in it.


6. John McEnroe –

He was born in United States in the year 1959 and is among the former top tennis player in the tennis history. During his tennis career he won grand Slam titles for 7 times. He was very much known for his outburst which landed him into trouble many a times. He is famous for his shot making artistry and his awesome volleying.  He has played many mesmerizing and unforgettable matches against Jimmy Connors his then rival. He is also known as a great double player.

5. Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg was born on 6 June 1956 and was born in Sweden. He has won Gran Slam titles 11 times out of the 27 he played and has remained the winner of Wimbledon Championship 5 times in a row. He has also been the victor in Roland Garros 6 times. He is considered to be among the best tennis player in the history of tennis.  He is among the four players who won French open and Wimbledon in the same year. Though he was never able to be a winner in US open and never played in Australian Open. He retires at a very early age of 25.


4. Rod Laver 

Rodney George aka Rod Laver is an Australian player and has won the highest number of single titles till date in the tennis history. From the year1964 to 1970 he has remained on the top of the list of best tennis players. He has won the Grand Slam twice in the year 1962 and 1969. He has won 20 main tournaments which includes 11 Grand Slam titles and 9 Pro Slam titles. He has also won Roland Garros, Australian open , US open and Wimbledon in the year 1969.-


3. Rafael Nadal

He is a Spanish tennis player born in Manacor. He has won a regional under 12 tennis tournament at the age of eight and has been a football lover too. He is ranked 4th in the list by Association of Tennis Professional. He has won Grand Slam 11 times and has remained the winner in Ronald Garros championship for 7 times. He has been awarded the title of “the king of the clay” as he is known to be the best clay court player in the world. He achieved a gold medal in 2011 Olympics. After Andre Agassi he is the second player on the list to complete the Career Golden Slam.


2. Pete Sampras –

He is known to be the king of the swing in the tennis world. He was born in Potomac, Maryland and he turned into a tennis player at the age of 16 and showed remarkably good performance in sports at a very young age. He spent 14 years in the tennis field and won 14 Grand Slam titles. He is a retired tennis player and among the most recognized player in the history of tennis. He has been the winner of Wimbledon championship for 7 times. He played US open against Andre Agassi and won it in the year 2012. He won 20 matches out of the 34 he played with Andre Agassi.


1. Roger Federer –

Who doesn’t know the famous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. He stood at the top of the list of the world famous tennis player. According to the South African poll he is the second most reliable and respected person known in the world after Nelson Mandela. He is the winner of Gran Slam for 17 times. Not only this he has won Wimbledon Championship for 7 times and has won the ATP World Tour Finals for 6 times. Tennis critics and many sports analyst consider him the greatest tennis player of all times. In 2006 he was awarded with the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the year award.



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