Top 10 Villains of the Comic Books

The comic books are more loved by the children and the young peoples. These comics are like novels have more interesting stories with interesting factors. These books are famous all over the world and will make the readers to be entertained in a fine manner. The famous comic villains are,

10. Apocalypse

Apocalypse has ruled the earth and he is immortal. He does not have a definite structure rather he have ability to change his molecular structure. He is always waiting for the right time to attack the earth. He loves to rule the earth.

9. Green Goblin

He is more famous in the comic spider man. This comic is fully an action packed comic with more fine stories with fine characters. He has countless deadly device which can be used at any time and in anywhere. He is filled with super strength and with fine martial arts.

8. Ra’s al Ghul

He is more famous by the comic named Batman. This comic is most welcomed by more number of children’s. He had won the death and he his living for more than hundred years with the help of Lazarus Pit. He is fantastic in martial arts and swordsmanship.

7. Darseid

He is one of the powerful villains with multi talents. His great aim and ambition is to rule the universe with his multiple powers for that he is working hard. He thinks that he will succeed in his goal. His great plus is the powerful Omega beam.

6. Venom

This is a symbiotic creature more famous in the spider man comic book. The great plus to this creature is the web slinging power. He has more strength and more speed naturally. This creature destroyed the life of the many human beings and made them worst with the powers.

Top 10 Villains of the Comic Books Dr Doom

5. Dr.Doom

He is the great man with extra powers in the marvel comics; he is the fine ruler of Latveria. He is famously known as the master of mysterious arts. His main aim is to rule the entire universe. He is the all time powerful villain. He thinks that he is the master of the universe.

4. Joker

Joker plays an important role in the Batman comics. He is a bad man with more powers. He always thinks logically and he is ready to do anything to destroy the batman. He is hard working to execute his fine plan on Batman.

3. Magneto

Magneto is the head of mutants. His only aim is that the universe should be ruled with by the mutants. He is one of the powerful super beings with more talents. He is great in torturing others.


2. Lex LuthorTop 10 Villains of the Comic Books LexLuther

He is an ex-president with criminal mind mostly hated by superman. He has no superpower and magical power but he is a fine villain with more knowledge. He is the most wanted by the super man.

1. Galactus

Galactus loves to destroy and rule the universe. He loves to torture others. He has a fine power with more talents so that he can use it on more number of peoples. He had destroyed many universe and more living beings.


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