Top 10 Funny Ways to Break Up

Holding a nice Relationship with a guy or a girl matters a lot in anyone’s life and is the best source of pleasure and cheerfulness. But sometimes it turns very tough and awkward to maintain a relationship in good terms, so it’s more fruitful to end it. If you are the one to make the first move then it’s going to be very difficult for you, but better than hauling the miserable relationship for such a long time. The lesson is that we should put a stop to an unpleasant relationship for the betterment of both the person in the relationship. You can always go with the usual stuff to end up such as telling it in person, staying calm. But we can surely make the procedure more cool and amusing. Why not doing it in a creative way?  So here are the top 10 funny ways to end up a relationship.

10) Reciting a poem:

To express your feelings poem is a very good method. Make your poem so awful and bad that it would diminish the impression of you breaking it with him or her, moreover they will laugh at you that you are unbelievably such a horrible poet. And that can be the reason that she or he might not regret the decision of ending up with you. Don’t dare to right what you feel about the relationship and about your partner as that can be a big blunder, as it will surely affect the sentiment of the other person and he or she may react in aggressive manner.

9) Taking help of singing telegram:

Singing telegrams are very funny and amusing technique to convey your feelings. Facilities and services that offer singing telegrams send somebody over to you; they will dance, act and sing in front of you. It will change for the better if you use a good song to match up with the singing telegram. Also remember about the genre of the song. More joyful and positive it will more will be its impact. It also depends on the quality of the vocalist. It’s better to convey to deliver a bad news with a good voice.

8) Leaving the book:

You will find ample of breakup recovery books which helps to deal with the shock of relationship finishing. Buy them and constantly leave them for your partner to notice and learn about your judgement. Also to add up emphasize on particular sections of the book describing your emotion, in addition to this also place the book wide open in your partner’s vicinity so he or she will be able to notice it. This will definitely draw your partner’s attention and they will certainly get a hint about your intentions.

7) I am engaged:

It is one of the most complicated situations to discover how to disclose the fact that you want to end up with your girl or your guy.  But telling the correct things at the correct time can make it a lot easier for you.  Tell your mate that you are unavailable as you are betrothed.  Lie that you are already engaged and you can not be in the relationship any more. Try to make break up as clean as possible. Try to convince your partner that he or she deserves much better than you.

6) Run off the state:

As it is said that long distance relationship does not work that much then why not escape to a different place that will take you quite far from your partner. Make some excuse about leaving the place. It will make it possible to be physically apart. This can become a concrete cause that why you can’t spend quality time together as you run out of time and means. Try to explain the fact that for you long distance friendship does not work and your partner deserve better than this.

5) Let the other person do the honour:

What’s better than this! If the other person breaks up with you. Examine the likes and dislikes of your partner and try to avoid doing anything that he or she is fond of. Focus on the negative side. Turn into most annoying and irritating person to your partner. Set up a date for the two of you and then let your partner wait for you, and inform them that something turned up.  Do whatever they hate just to make them get on their nerves. If such happens, no necessity to suffer as you will be the one who’s going to be left by your partner.

4) Turn into less attractive:

This technique is quite working. Become less striking and gorgeous to your partner. Try to turn into a dull and a boring person to be around with.  Aim to convert into less alluring, try some worn out  clothes, don’t bathe, make a weird hairstyle to make your partner go crazy about the new you. Try to look clumsy and that will surely going to bother your partner. And he will certainly respond against it as it will trouble him or her.

3) I have changed my mind:

Having any sort of association with other person is really good for your health, but sometimes relationship can take you to the bad phase. So it’s better to end it, but you can try it doing it creatively. Tell your partner that you newly build up an attraction for the person of the similar gender, that you are no more interested in his or her.  And say that you are extremely sorry for it but you cannot help it as it is not in your hands.

2) Get your mom do it for you:

Dishonesty is very common in a relationship as most of the people are afraid of telling the truth. They hide their feelings, and as a result remain unhappy. But it’s better to say rather than covering the fact. But every mother is so genuine and sincere, so why not let her do the act. Let her utter the reality to your partner which you find very challenging in doing. Leave the tough part up to your mom to do and hence you can get rid of the other person in an easy way.

1) Good bye gift:

If you are too emotional about the fact that you are going to leave your partner alone then you should absolutely try this. Organise a blind date for your partner, you can set up the meeting at his or her favourite place, and you can order their much loved cuisine to make them feel better. That will be an excellent parting gift for your mate. Then immediately express the news to the dumped one, familiarize with blind date and gently take a leave and get out of the door. You can also say some good bye message to him or her to make them feel good.


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