Top 10 world famous dance forms

Here are the top 10 world famous dance forms that have won millions of hearts with their style and ways of expression passion for dance. Don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite.

Top 10 world famous dance forms

10. Freestyle: No grammar, no guidelines – this is dance sans rules. So in this form, just listen to your heart and dance as you wish. If your audience appreciates your dance moves, you win the match. No rulebook is going to command your style.

9. Hip Hop: Considered to one of the most popular dance forms, Hip Hop is a bit tough and needs practice to perform this. The body should be flexible and the dance should put great effort to master the art of Hip Hop. Popular among boys, it fetches inspiration from different dance forms like locking-poping, break dance etc.

8. Salsa: One of the most sensuous and jovial dance forms, Salsa is a Latin American dance form which renders the enjoyments of life. This extremely lively dance form is performed by a boy and a girl acting like a couple. So it’s popular mostly among romantic couples.

7. Break Dance: Now, you all are wearing that “Bet I know this!” smile. Yes, it’s the dance which is epitomized by none other than the Break Dance icon Michael Jackson. You can say this is a acrobatic style dance form consisting four parts – downrock, toprock, freezes and power moves. It also has shades of gymnastics in it. So you need to have balance, power and learn the techniques to perform break dance.

6. Belly Dance: This Arabic dance form is exclusively for women. This form is about moving the beautiful bellies of young girl in an extremely flexible and charming way. This dance form can be easily seen in nightclubs.

5. Bhangra: This Indian dance form is about matching steps with the maddening drum beats. A lovely way of dancing from your heart, young Punjabi males and females perform Bhangra in their rituals and festivals. The colorful costumes and head gears make it look more attractive.

4. Ball Dance: Ball dance or ball room dance is a special form of dancing which requires a lot of practice and study to perform it flawlessly. Performed in pairs, this is particularly popular in the Western countries where it’s a way of social interaction.

3. Ballet: Another difficult dance form, Ballet needs immense body flexibility along with great knowledge and practice. This royal dance form is performed mainly by beautiful girls in beautiful dresses.

2. Jazz: Don’t confuse it with the music form, Jazz is also a popular African American dance form which is inspired by a several other styles. This graceful dancing style is tough to perform as well.

1. Tap Dance: Dominated by men wearing black suite and black shoes, it is a form where the feet dance actually. The tapping of foot matches the music and sometimes the taps become the music themselves. It also requires great practice.



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