Top 10 Strangest Museum

Museums are bound to be strange in an amusing way but there are few museums in the world that are strange in a weird way. The idea behind such museum is, may be, to make something insignificant significant regardless of its nature. Well let’s see how these can amuse us. Here goes the list

10. Phallus Museum: This museum in Iceland is probably the only museum on earth that collects phallic specimens belonging to every mammal found around the world. Why would one collect phallic specimens! Weird enough?

Top 10 Strangest Museum

9. Vibrator museum in San Francisco: Believe it or not, this museum actually sheds light on how hysteria was treated and the history of vibrators. May be they show the Hysteria movie too! In addition to that they also have other toys treat your hysteria

8.  Sulabh Museum of toilets: In New Delhi, India there is displays of toilets from long ago and documentation of how toilets have helped people in the world. Couple thousand years ago, it was not possible to imagine running water and sanitary facilities in toilets. May be the purpose is to show the difference.

7. Burlesque Hall of Fame: Annual fund raising is done through the display of the features of burlesque. The purpose is to educate and entertain public, and develop an understanding of classic burlesque heritage.

6. Mutter Museum: Located in Philadelphia, this medical museum contains a collection of medical oddities, wax models and antique medical equipment. It is also part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

5. Marikina city shoe museum: The shoe museum in the Philippines was conceived in order to show the significance of shoes over the period of time. Its emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects of the shoes, since the Marikina is the shoe capital of the Philippines, the museum was constructed in this city.

4. The museum of bad art: With the sole purpose of bringing bad art to wider audiences, this museum is dedicated to all the bad art collection of time. It is probably the only museum in the world devoted to bad art and giving meaning to “can’t color between the lines.”

3. International friendship exhibition hall: Located in North Korea, this hall exhibits around 90,000 gifts received by Kim IL Sung and Kim Jong IL. The gifts were given by foreign dignitaries to these leaders during their realm as head of North Korea.

Top 10 Museum

2. British lawnmower museum: Well, all in the world, if you care about your lawnmower and you are so obsessed with it, you can go find out the history of your beloved in Great Britain. There are around 200 specimens of a lawnmower in the museum which will enlighten you with great machine history.

1. Leeds castle dog collar museum: If you are so in love with your pet, open a museum of pets but why collars. Yet another wonder in Britain, this museum is built solely for the dog collars with over 100 specimens from medieval times to the Victorian age.


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