Top 10 Secrets about China that you Don’t Know

China is a big and a great country and People’s Republic of China was established in October, 1949. Since 1949, China is under communist rule. It covers one-fifth of world’s population. China claims the world’s oldest existing civilization. Only 15 percent of china’s land is farm able  Beijing is the capital of china and renminbi is its currency. China has 95.9% literacy rate. It is ranked as the world’s second largest economy and is the largest exporter.


10.First day of lunar calendar is Chinese new year


Chinese months are decided by lunar calendar which each of its month beginning on the darkest day.New year’s eve in china known as Chuxi, literal meaning “eve of the passing year”  is an occasion where families gather for dinner and family reunion.Since Chinese calender is lunisolar the new year in china is also referred to as “lunar new year” or agriculture or agrarian calendar’s new year. Chinese believes that every person grows one year older on the NEW year hence it is also considered to be everyone’s birthday. and first mechanical clock originated in china


The first kite was developed some 2300 years ago in the province of Shandong during autumn and spring period in Warrying empires.Today also Wei fang a city situated in Shandong produces the best kites in china. In olden days kites were used to frighten the enemies in the battle and Marco Polo also noted that kites can b used to predict the success of a voyage.


The original soccer was the chinese game of t’su chu, played around third century B.C. which had a ball which used to be formerly stuffed later inflated.Only the feet and body were allowed to propel the ball and the opposing teams tried to kick the ball through a hole in a silken net.


The first mechanical clock was invented by a Buddhist monk named Yi Xing in 725 A.D.Dripping water on a wheel operated this clock by making the wheel turn a full revolution in 24 hours.This system in turn caused a bell to ring at the end of each hour.


8.China has largest amount of pigs


China farms about 500 million pigs which is more than any other nation, almost one half fourth of the worlds total production.The number of pigs in china has roughly been doubled since 1970’s most of which are eaten domestically.China is also the worlds biggest producer of pork, about seven times more than united states the worlds second largest producer.In old days pig farming was pretty basic but it has turned much more industrialized today.


7.Teracotta army-an icon of china’s distant past


The Teracotta Army was discovered in 1974 by some local farmers of Lintong district, Xi’an, Shaanxi province. It is a collection of teracotta sculptures representing the army of first emperor of china, Qin shi huang, which was buried with the emperor with the intent of helping the king in his afterlife. The figures include over 8000 soldiers,130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, which were buried in three pits, majority of them near king’s mausoleum.


6.Nearly 394 million Chinese live on less than 2$ a day


according to 2009 estimates the amount of population living on $2 per day is approximately 468 million or 36%of the total population.The poverty rate which was 64% of the total population in 1981 has although improved. Between 1981 and 2005 the amount of population living on $1 per day has fallen from 85% to 15% but still the present estimations provide a drastic figure of 394 million living on less than $2 per day with a poverty rate of 13.1% which roughly reaches to 172 million.


5. Largest center of Christianity in the world


It is very well known that China is one of the world’s most populous countries and is also a home to world’s largest number of Christians living as a minority. Almost every major Chinese city has steeples of churches affiliated with one of the two state-approved and state-regulated Christian associations. The study of various research sources has reviewed that China has 67 million of Christians although it is difficult to nail down the exact number. It is further believed that Christianity’s next golden age will be in China.


4.Majority Chinese intake polluted water


Due to degraded sewage treatment and other facilities, water pollution has become the biggest problem for all the people living in China. The water they intake contains higher level of estrogenic as well as contraceptive compounds. Moreover it has been said that 65% of underground drinking reserves in 120 major Chinese cities is seriously polluted. This water pollution has been linked for high rates of liver, stomach and esophageal cancer in China. As China has only 7% of global water resources, the consumption of polluted water has given horrifying results and an unbalanced ecology.


3.Red symbol of China


The favorable red color of Chinese culture symbolizes good luck, good health, prosperity and happiness. The Chinese spread the red beauty by decorating their marriage customs with red costumes and red flowers. Including this they distribute red packets called hongbao to the near and dear ones on their new year. More specifically, the china people consider the red color as the ‘color of celebration’ and hence red color is of tantamount importance in the Chinese culture.


2. China host the oldest tree in the world


The oldest tree in the world is the Gingko tree of China. Gingko, the deciduous fan-shaped broad leaf tree is the origination of Jurassic age. It is often styled as the ‘living fossil’ which blooms only at night and possess an ancient yin-yang quality. Gingko trees, the symbol of longevity and vitality were known to survive catastrophic events. Gingko leaves and seeds have a wide range of medicinal properties thus serving a key part in herbal formulas for asthma, bronchitis, leucorrhea, etc. Also they ensure a great astringent effect.


1. Outer space (or moon) invisibility of Great Wall of China


The visibility of Great Wall of China from outer space is totally a fallacy which predates the space age. Not only this largest building, (the mightiest work of Chinese) but no other man-made object is visible once the altitude of more than few thousand miles is acquired at the time of leaving earth’s orbit. The Great Wall of China is basically built of materials that blend in with the surroundings from that height. Even continents are barely visible from moon then it could be estimated that how tough it will be to spot The Great Wall of China.


Besides these astonishing facts China boasts many other great contributions to the world. To name a few-  invention of Chinese porcelain, the much daily used toilet paper, invention of first instrument to detect earthquakes,crossbows were also invented and first used by Chinese.They were also first in the world to use chemical and gas weapons. Also China gets credit to invent ice-cream by packing a milk mixture and rice into snow.

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