Top 10 Reasons When and Where to Use Mirrors at Home

Interior designing is quite tough especially to those who haven’t studied such field. Still, it is undeniable that there are some who chooses to design their own home, decorate and put some mirrors inside the house to make it more elegant and spacious. So to help those people who prefer to do it on their own, here are the top 10 reasons when and where to use mirrors at home.

Top 10 Reasons When and Where to Use Mirrors at Home

1.       If you Have a Tiny Space or Room

It is a general rule that when you have a tiny space or room to use mirror. The reason behind why large mirrors are highly needed is because it creates an illusion of depth.

2.       If you Have Narrow Hallways

In narrow spaces like a small corridor in your house, make sure to use a mirror in the hallway to give it an open look allowing passersby to feel unconfined or open. One can simply style it to make it a work of art rather than leave it plain and simple and looks boring.

3.       In your Staircase

Just like in the hallways, a mirror is also needed in staircases to provide an open feeling. Mirrors in stairs also provide a better flow of space from one room to another according to experts.

4.       Inside the Bathroom

Aside from enhancing your space, mirrors are also used to provide accent and style in an area. One good example is the use of mirror in a bathroom. A mirror found inside the bathroom serves as an artwork, an accent that is usually the first thing people check in when they enter the area.

5.       If you Want a Window Trick

If your house doesn’t have any windows or say maybe it has only few windows, then one of the best things to do is use mirror to create a fake window. One can use a window looking mirror cut like that of a window shape to trick one’s eyes, giving an illusion.

6.       To brighten a Place

Because mirrors are good reflectors of light, it is therefore a good idea to use mirrors if you want to brighten your space. A ray of light bounces back giving a good lighting condition in the area.

7.       If you Want to Make a Space Taller

Don’t you know that mirrors in floor length give an illusion of a taller space? It is therefore a good suggestion to you use a floor length mirror to provide your space a taller look. These types of mirror create long shape illusion perceived by the eye.

8.       In Cabinets

The reason why mirrors are mostly glued on cabinets is to reflect the entire room while doing your business in front of your cabinet. Therefore, the world around you or at your back is viewed without the need to really turn your back.

9.       If you Want an Artwork

Mirrors can be used as a form of art. One can use multiple small mirrors and glue it altogether forming a shape or a design that will compliment the room. Mirrors can also be painted on its side that will act as a frame and place it somewhere it can be seen and appreciated by visitors. You don’t need to use paintings or other form of art, with the use of mirrors you’re already maximizing your space and providing an artwork.

10.   In your Dining Room

Just like most restaurants around the globe, mostly use mirrors to give a lighter ambient, a soft touch that makes the scene more condition for dining. That is why mirrors are great to use in dining areas. It basically lifts the mood for eating!


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