Top 10 Martial Art Forms For Self Defense

When you watch movies you normally see that the hero normally takes down the bad guy using different martial art techniques with such finesse. It’s all just acting and mostly camera tricks. But, have you ever wondered how you will defend yourself if you are attacked by the bad guys. You obviously do not have super powers like the heroes. But, you can always learn martial arts and defend yourself like a hero.

Mentioned Below Are Some Cool Martial Art Forms Which You Can Learn For Self-Defense.

10. Jiu-Jitsu:

The main aim is to bring down the attacker by shifting the center of gravity. It is a best art form if you want to bring down your attacker single handedly. Even if your attacker has a weapon or if he/she is heavier than you need not worry because Jiu-Jitsu teaches you all the techniques which help you tackle your attackers.

9. Kick boxing:

It is the most commonly learnt form of martial arts. It is a street fighting form. In this style different types of kicking and punching styles are used. In this form speed and presence of mind are very important.

8. Taekwondo:

This is a more professionally learnt art form. In this form mostly different types of deadly kicks are used. The attacker can be taken down with one swift and strong kick.

7. Karate:

It is a more straight forward defense form. Here, the punches and kicks come straight to the attacker. In this type the main focus is on incapacitating the opponent. The killer punches and kicks can send the attacker into pain.

6. Boxing:

Hands are the most dangerous weapons which can be used when it comes to defending yourself. In boxing only hands are used against the opponent. You can take your attacker down with just one swinging motion. The opponents head is the target.

5. Aikido:

This is another interesting martial art form where you can use your own attacker’smomentum to bring him down.

4. Jeet Kune Do:

You might have seen Bruce Lee doing all those crazy moves on screen. This unique style of his is known as Jeet Kune Do. This basically involves guessing your opponent’s move and launching your move accordingly.

Martial Art

3. Keyshi Fighting:

This basically requires the use of your body’s best defense, your hands. It is a technique where you can use your elbows, fingers, etc., to bring down your opponent.

2. Krav Maga:

It is a fusion of all kinds of martial arts. It’s one of the best forms to learn. It’s a mixture of karate, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, etc. The most delicate parts of the attacker are targeted in this form.

1. Wing Chun:

In this form deadly punches are used. The punches are directly delivered into the chest of the attacker. The repeated punching into the attacker’s chest can prove deadly.

Now, that you know that there are so many options when it comes to learning self-defense you can pick one from the above mentioned list. The names may sound funny, but trust me they are lethal.


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