Top 10 Amazing Paraguay Attractions

Although there are several attractions in most parts of South America, Paraguay hasn’t been in the map in the past because of lack of exposure. Here are the top ten attractions in Paraguay that will compel any adventurous traveler to put it in his or her shortlist of places to visit.

10. Panteon National de Heroes: This is basically the national hall of heroes which serves two purposes. The hall serves as a place to commemorate the heroes who fought to put Paraguay in the international map and also as a site where Paraguayans celebrate their achieved milestones. It’s built in a place where the Paraguayan independence was actually declared here.

Jardin Botanico

Jardin Botanico

9. Eco-Reserva Mbatovi: This site is basically a combination of tourism and nature. The Reserva is home to a wide variety of amphibians, reptiles, birds and abundant flora among other natural conservations. If you are an eco-friendly type of person, then you shouldn’t finish your visit to Paraguay without visiting the Reserva.

8. Palacio de Lopez: The palace is found in Asuncion just like the Panteon National de Heroes. The contemporary architecture of the Palacio de Gobierno, as it is also known, is where the Paraguayan government seats.

7. Rivera Square: Also located in Asuncion just in the face of the palace, the Rivera square is a good opportunity for tourists who want to view both the neo-classical architecture. This is also the edifying center of Asuncion.

6. The Paraguayan Train Station:

The railway system in Paraguay is more than a hundred years old hence making it the first of its kind in the southern part of America. From Asuncion all the way to your destination you will get a clear view of the breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous cultural attractions of other smaller towns of Paraguay.

5. The Gran Chaco:

This is a nature preserve that covers about 60% of the country’s land mass. There is a very wide range of flora and fauna in this forest which is the second largest in the world second after Amazon rain forest. In fact, The Gran Chaco is the largest dry forest in the world. So, how can you visit Paraguay and fail to experience the sights of sounds of such a great attraction.

4. Jesuit Missions: the missionaries have struggled so hard to change the beliefs of the indigenous Paraguayans since the sixteenth century. Most of the churches built here by the Guarani people are still standing.

3. Jardin Botanico: Located in Asuncion, this is the largest plants Garden and Zoo of this country. There are hundreds of animal and native plant species in this place. Moreover, the Jardin Botanico has been displaying these amazing varieties of species for over a hundred years.

2. Paraguay River:

This is an outstanding destination and important attraction in Paraguay because it basically dissects through the country. With the boat tours services, you can go as far as Chaco and the Amazon Basin.

1. Nesrta Senora de la Asuncion Santander Catedral: Although most of building was burned down in 1914 during the WW1, this building offers you a chance to see the best of Colonial and neo-Classical architecture.

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